You will need
  • - small rodents
  • - clean water
Long-eared owl received its name from the fact that on her head in the area of the beam ears grow feathers. The peculiarity of this bird is that she is able to turn his head 180 degrees. These owls are predators, and their natural habitat, they feed on small rodents and insects. Like all other species of owls, long-eared without proper care people can not live in captivity. Therefore, when deciding on the contents of this bird should be ready for difficulties. But if she grew up around people, it cannot be let go at will, since under these conditions the bird will die quickly.
The best thing you can do for good health long-eared owl is to throw her spacious enclosure and provide adequate nutrition. So you can keep it much simpler in a country house than in a city apartment. Long-eared owl mobile and not may long to be in one and the same place. In a small cage, she feels very uncomfortable and lack of space may even get sick. She needs short flights, as from inactivity of the muscles which work the wings, quickly atrophy. Such an energetic animal needs a special diet. Namely, the live feed. This is the main problem in these birds.
Long-eared owl can be fed to day-old Chicks or hatchlings of any other poultry: ducks, turkeys, geese. More close to natural for this predator's diet – small rodents: mice, hamsters, chipmunks, etc. Cannot be replaced by a live feed of meat animals that eats people. It is contraindicated poultry and fresh or boiled. Especially harmful for her pork. If you give the owl raw meat, it will quickly weaken and may die.
In their natural habitat, owls swallow their prey whole. After a short time they vomit semidigested remains of the animal. Therefore, the body of this bird for the normal functioning of the necessary fur and bones of rodents. In an effort to provide your pet nutrition, you need to remember that the mouse living under the city streets, can be poisoned. Therefore, the best solution would be a private small nursery in rodents.
Daily eared owl needed to eat at least two mice. But not less than once per week she needs to arrange a "hungry" day, as in the nature of an owl with the same frequency refuse the search and capture of prey, allowing your body to relax. Water birds should be in abundance. You need to ensure that it was fresh and definitely clean. So to change it you need at least two times a day. Caring for these feathered pet is simple, but in relation to nutrition are not. Therefore, before deciding on the contents of long-eared owl, you need to understand for its sustenance will require certain costs.