Create a themed stands on one of the side walls of the Cabinet. They can wear the title: "Evolution of Earth", "the anatomy of a cell", "Save for posterity, etc. Some stands can be equipped with removable panels. Make a stand with the student work: essays, reports, drawings, interesting photos of nature etc., Use the portable booth with literature on the subject with the aim of increasing students ' interest in biology.
Use in the design of the study of biology portraits of famous scientists: Charles Darwin, Timiryazev, I. M. Sechenov, I. P. Pavlov and others.
Install in Cabinet TV with DVD player and educational CDs to students to watch educational films on the subject.
Decorate a biology classroom living vegetation: it can be flowers, citrus and palm trees grown in tubs. It is better to choose these plants to decorate the class that can be used as demonstration material in class.
Create a lively area in the study of biology: in it place the fish, bring hamster or a turtle; you can do one aquarium.
Keep visual AIDS that are used as learning tools in biology lessons (collections, herbaria, models, etc.) on the shelves of cabinets or on separate shelves outboard. The table and the most fragile and valuable materials (instruments, models, wet preparations, etc.) stored in closed cabinets.
Select the overall color scheme of the Cabinet in accordance with natural colors. For example, the walls and curtains can be in various shades of green, the panels painted in beige color which will resonate with the color of the furniture.
Draw on the ceiling of the Cabinet of natural ornament with large colored circles (e.g., flowers), which can be used during physical exercises to train your eyes.