First, it should be clarified that the requirement is that invoice should be the storekeeper who carries out transmission of. If the materials have different nomenclature, in spite of this, the form can be fill one.
First, specify the sequence number of the document. Just below write the name of the organization according to constituent documents.
Next comes the tabular part of the form, which consists of 9 Graf. First specify the date of the invoice. The second operation code, fill this column in if your company developed a system for the coding of operations.
Then fill in the column "Sender" enter the name of structural units and activities. Do the same with the column "Recipient".
The last three columns needs to fill an accountant, that is, specify the transaction that you are recording the movement of material values.
In the last column specify the unit of output according to the account, such as kilogram, ton, liter.
Below the first table, write, through whom he passed the material flow, i.e., specify the name of the storekeeper, then indicate the employee who requested this translation, and who is allowed. All such persons should sign next to his name.
Then go on to complete the table located below. It consists of 11 Graf. In the first and second specify the offset accountdebit will stand the expense, indicating the production of, for example, 20 "Primary production", 29 "service production", and credit 10 "Materials".
Form make two copies, one of which is Express in the warehouse, and the second pass to whoever gets these values.