Conclude an agreement about custody and transfer commodity-material assets (TMTS) to the warehouse Keeper. In accordance with paragraph 2 of article 887 of the civil code that the things taken to the warehouse of responsible storage, the custodian certifies receipt, receipt or other document with his signature, issued to the bailor, i.e. you. Accounting of goods in storage areas, warehouses of the custodian shall fill in standardized forms of primary documents. They are filled in compliance with the instructions approved by the Resolution of Goskomstat of Russia from 09.08.1999 No. 66.
Each operation is issued a bilateral act on acceptance-transfer, signed by the depositor and custodian (form MX-1) and acts on the return of inventory (form n MX-3). The act of reception and transmission, the number of copies and the completeness of documents specified in the storage contract. The act of return drawn up in two copies.
If necessary, use stored the equipment for the demonstration, as well as for getting goods and materials from the organization a guardian assign by the head of the person responsible. It should be a staff member of the organization of depositor. According to the order, he should be responsible for storage of this equipment received on time for the demonstration as a sample, and also for the timely transmission or receipt of this equipment on responsible storage.
Thus, the main documents, which is made responsible storage and tracked financial responsibility for goods and materials, are acts filled in the forms Nos. MX-1 and MX-3. On these documents you will be able to ascertain the periods during which the equipment or other goods and materials were responsible for storage in the specialised organisation or the depositor as a sample.