You will need
  • profiles of the selected universities;
  • - certified copies of the certificate (diploma);
  • - certified translation of the certificate (diploma);
  • - letters of recommendation;
  • - an introductory essay;
  • - TOEFL certificate
Programme Bachelor programmes higher education entry level (usually 4 years), the next level - Masters (1-2 years) and the final level is the PhD. For a start, you should decide what specialty you would like to learn and also appreciate what your level of English proficiency. If your English is not enough for training, give yourself extra time to brush up on your language skills to the required level. Once you have decided on the choice of specialty, start to look for educational institutions in America, which give education in your chosen specialty.
Carefully examine the sites selected Universitys. Usually the whole procedure of admission and the forms and questionnaires that need to be filled, described in the next section (Applications and admissions). If you are unable to find this information, please submit to the school a letter with the request to provide information on the receipt.
The procedure for admission in each University is individual, but there are moments. Applicants fill out the forms (Application Forms) that answer all the questions of the University. Read them carefully and provide all required information. Do not be lazy to read instructions attached to the questionnaires.
To forms you must attach a certified copy of the certificate (or diploma (s) if you have already received higher education and now comes to Masters or Phd) with grades in the Russian language. If at the time of filing you are a student, attach a certified copy of the document that lists the subjects you have studied to date, estimates (e.g., copy of transcript of records). Also attach a certified translation of the certificate or the diploma (s) translated into English.
The American Universityyou always need to provide recommendation letters, usually 2-3. Recommendations should be written by professors who know you well. You may be asked to provide letters of recommendation, written in free form or in the form offered by the University. If they are written in Russian, it is necessary to perform a translation with the official certification.
You will be asked to write an introductory essay (Statement of Purpose) in which you have to tell about yourself, about why you chose this particular UNIVERSITY and this program, than you stand out among the other students, what are your plans for the future and how education will help you realize these plans. Admissions carefully read the introductory essays, therefore do not belong to this part of the receipt as a mere formality and do not use the same essay for all Universities.
You will need to confirm your level of English language proficiency by taking the TOEFL exam. Register for the TOEFL on the official website ( Remember that once you sign up, take a few weeks before the exam, and a few weeks before you and specified during registration Universities will be sent the results. Depending on the direction and complexity of the selected program, you may be required to pass other examinations, for example, SAT, GRE. Detailed information about registering for these examinations and preparation for them can be found on official websites.
Once all necessary documents are collected, place them in separate envelopes and send by courier service to the University. When you receive the answers from all the Universitys who took you, choose the one that best meets your needs. Everyone else immediately send letters stating that you are not able to accept their invitation.