You will need
  • Computer with Internet access.
If you are a student, in order to get into Oxford, you must first attend two-year British A-level program. There are accelerated programs that allow you to take exams in a year. In any case, you need to choose a school where you will pass the training program and send an application there. Training for Russian schoolchildren pay. In Russia begin to appear accredited schools that allow you to pass a-level exams, without leaving the country. But such schools exist only in Moscow.
After admission to the British school, choose 3 or 4 subjects related to your future specialty. Some choose 5, but this is a weighty burden. For example, you want to become a programmer, then it is preferable to choose mathematics, physics, advanced mathematics and philosophy. After you complete the full training at A-level, you will get the certificate assessments. They are automatically placed in a common database UCAS - the organisation that deals with student enrollment in institutes and universities of England.
Send documents in Oxford. Often, in addition to the documents about education, you may be asked to send a cover letter. With the purpose to convince the examiners that you are worthy of becoming a University student. Sometimes the notice of the results brought to you at your email address. But also you can call for an interview by phone or email. In the interview you need to demonstrate your abilities. You can ask tricky questions, with the purpose to confuse and bewilder. For example, how to prove that last 2+2 is also equal to 4?
If you already have higher education or you are a student of a Russian University, then you have other opportunity to go to Oxford. Consult the international office of your educational institution stating which participates, your University. You can apply for participation in all programs where to fit the requirements.
Prepare all documents to be sent in paper or electronic form. Assure all translations of Russian documents by a notary. All individual issues are better clarified in the admissions office. So reliable, and you have the opportunity to show themselves. Documents can be sent three times a year: November, January and March. It is preferable to be the first in the list of applied documents.