You will need
  • A personal computer, a web camera, the program Fly DS
Sharpness on the camera can try to configure manually. On the camera, locate the small button near the eye. Roll in different directions. With its help, the focus. This option setting is possible in case if the camera is not automatic. If this does not help, then try to reinstall the driver for the camera. There you will be asked to bring focus, clarity and even color balance. When you communicate on Skype, go into the settings of the program. Run it and select in the list "Tools" and "video Settings".
Download and install Fly DS. It's meant for watching TV from a tuner and carries out work with a webcam. Run the program. Indicate the source of your video signal. Go to the setup program and install the image settings. For this you will need section "Capture". Here set the values that will help to view the video.
The web Cam will work well if you install another parallel program WebCam Monitor. Run it and you will see a window where the list can select the desired section to work with. To adjust the clarity of the image, the webcamera, use the virtual joystick. Moving it with the mouse, you select a tint, sharpness, contrast. The image will be more qualitative. Similarly can adjust the sound.
Allows you to work better with the webcam and Cyberlink YouCam. Install it on your computer. To set the sharpness and other characteristics of the camera can see "TrueTheater". This technology makes the picture is sharp, colorful and spectacular. This program is multifunctional. Go to "Settings" and enter the options that will provide you with the normal operation of the camera.