You will need
  • computer;
  • - CD with software for a web camera;
  • Skype;
  • - ACCORDING to the sound card.
First, you need to connect a web camera to your computer. Included with the device must be a disk with the software. Install it on the hard disk of your computer. With its help you can configure the settings of the webcamera.
Launch the installed software. Any software for the webcam should be "Settings". In this section, you should find the option to "microphone Settings". Accordingly, the microphone can be adjusted sound. Also in the software menu to open the "audio Volume" and adjust the microphone volume.
In addition, you can adjust the microphone sound by using standard operating system tools. To do this, open "control Panel", and in it a section that is responsible for sound settings. In different versions of operating systems the section name can be different. For example, in Windows 7 it is called "Hardware and sound".
Next you need to select "volume setting". In the list of devices there should be a microphone. Select it. You can then set the desired sound level.
If you plan to use a webcam to chat in Skype, set the microphone volume directly in the program. Install the application. After its first launch window will appear where you can configure some settings. Click with the left mouse button on the "sound Check". Then in the next window, select the microphone and adjust the sound level.
If the sound card you installed the driver more and software, you can adjust the microphone a webcamera with it. All you need to do is start AT the menu to select the device ( in your case the microphone) and adjust the sound.