The first thing you need to pay attention to is the matrix:

- CMOS or also called complementary metal-oxide semiconductor. It is inexpensive, to very distorted image in motion.

- CCD or charge coupled device. Best image quality and no distortion.

The next thing to look at is the pixels. The more pixels, the better image quality and more details. Camera less than 3-4 megapixels of sense to take is not. Then you need to pay attention on the basis of the extension if it is small and photos are small.

Type of focus is a fixed – focus does not change, the auto – the camera chooses the settings and manual – hand to twist the lens on the camera. There are also additional functions of the camera. The most popular with twist mechanism, if you look away or move away, the camera will also rotate to the side. Many live in hostels and do not want to used a personal webcam, you can choose a password.

The webcam is table locking. Prefer to buy the striker, because the table can be cumbersome, and table poor sucker that she is bad. After reviewed all the specifications and decided on a webcam, you can go purchase or order via the Internet.