You will need
  • cloth;
  • - threads;
  • filler (e.g., holofiber);
  • - ruffle, lace, ribbon, braid;
  • - buttons;
  • - a compass (the round dish/pan).
The easiest way to make a round pillow is to sew two identical pieces of fabric and filled with holofiber. With the help of a compass (or dishes of suitable size) draw round the pattern on the parchment. Cut it and move around, attach to the fabric you have chosen for this purpose. Retreating to 2 cm from the drawn line, cut out a circle of fabric. Repeat the same for the second half of the pillow. Circles fold the face inward and stitch, leaving a hole about 10 cm Remove the cover on the front side and tamp the filler. Tuck the inside fabric and hand or machine sew the opening.
In addition to the simple case you can sew a cover from scraps. For the resulting circular pattern divided into several segments-triangles. Cut and attach a different color or texture fabrics. Draw the triangles and then cut out, leaving allowances for seams (1.5-2 cm). Color pick so that each is in harmony with anything in the room. The reverse side of the cushion can be left whole. Sew the triangles along one edge, applying them face to each other until you get a circle. Fold the two circles face and stitch as indicated in the first paragraph. Fill the pillow with holofiber and sew the cover to the end.
Pillow, made of a whole circles can be decorated with applique and/or a frill. To do this, cut the fabric, matching color with the main product, a figure (heart, flower, some writing). Pristrochite the application to one of the circles of the case. Then sew the two halves of the case, Unscrew it and fill with filler. Pristrochite frill or lace around the entire circumference of the pillow.
You can sew a pillow-flower. For this part of the round case sew silk or lace ribbon. Sew the ribbon in a spiral, starting from the edge and moving toward the center. In several places make the folds to make beautiful petals. Then stitch the flower with the second half of the cover, filled with hollofayber (or any other filler) and sew the hole.