Advice 1: How to sew a pillow cushion

Pillows-cushions have always been relevant in any interior. There are many options for decorating them in any style. It's nice when the house has pillowscushionsmade with their own hands, they bring a special comfort at home.
How to sew a pillow cushion
You will need
  • - sintepon
  • - fabric
  • - sewing supplies
Prepare the polyester cushion, which will be the basis of a pillow. To do this, simply roll the batting into a roll.
Calculate the amount of material by measuring the length and circumference of the roller. Length of material needed to make folds on the sides of the roller equal to its circumference, and the width of its radius.
According to the length and circumference of the cushion cut the fabric into the desired interval. Also cut the fabric into the bias tape, which will turn over the cushion on the sides. Put bake on the pins, keen.
For the sides cut two pieces of fabric the length of which is equal to the circumference of the finished cushion, and the width is equal to its radius. Add 1.5 cm for seams. Pristrochite cloth over the edge at the sides of the main cut.
Sostrochite side seam on the main piece, not forgetting to leave a hole for taking out the cushion. Sew this hole zipper. Iron all seams.
On lateral cuts on the edges make two lines in order to prioraty folds. Stitched strands gently pull to the hole. The tied ends of the wrap strong thread near the coupling threads.
Turn the cover right side out. Matched or covered with own hand sew buttons to the center of the Assembly to the sides of the cushion.
Insert polyester fiber cushion sewn cover.
If you want to sew a pillow cushion with flat sides and a clearer form, use the previous scheme, replacing ruched side two cut out fabric circle. To do this, cut out of paper, the sample for the cushion size and then find out two fabric circle, adding to the entire circumference of 1.5 cm for seams.
Sostrochite side part with the main, do not forget to insert between the trim piping. Then sostrochite main part by inserting a zipper.

Advice 2 : How to sew a pillow under the neck

This pillow will be not only pleasant but also useful gift. The pillow has a special shape in the form of pits, and therefore fit comfortably on the neck. Pillow-bone – relieves tension of the neck muscles and improves circulation. It is convenient to use at home and on the road.
How to sew a pillow under the neck
You will need
  • -soft tissue
  • filler
  • -sewing machine
Cut out fabric 3 equal parts, using the pattern of a butterfly. On the center side mark with a pencil where the handle will be attached.
Two strips of fabric sewn handles. Fold the two parts of the cushion, right sides to the inside and tack from one pencil mark to the other. Also tack handle. Stitching.
Next, tack the third item and stitch, leaving a small hole. Gut-wrenching, stuffed with filler and sew up the hole hidden seam.
Useful advice
Where the handles are attached, preferably to flash a couple of times that they kept a tighter hold.
Stuff the pillow with the filler need not adhere to a pleasant softness.
If you fill the pillow with buckwheat husk, pillow will acquire such useful features as: normalization of blood pressure, reduced fatigue, head and muscle pain, massage neck and breathability.
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