Often wears a long coat hem, sleeves and collar. The easiest way to alter the coat to shorten its length and to turn it into a short coat. To do this, fight back the lining on the bottom of things. Cut to the desired length of the coat and the lining and hem, turning inside out 3-5 cm is best to sew the hem a hidden seam by hand or crosswise. Do the same with a lining. Sew the other buttons. From the tissue that was left after you cut off the bottom coat, you can find the valves for the pockets and sew them, garnished with buttons.
From the remnants of fabric sew the hood (if enough fabric), collar fight back and instead vsheyte hood, decorate it with fur trim. You get a completely different coat, and no one will know that you just simply remade the old one.
An original way to remodel a coat is to replace the sleeves. Uplift the lining and sleeves. Replace them with knitting, cutting off from the jacket or sweater. You can tie the new yarn of the right color. Vsheyte updated sleeves and hem lining. The image was finished, tie from the same yarn scarf.
The direct coat can be transformed into flared or year. Cut the front and the back in several places to the line of the knee or hip. Of a fabric or of a suitable contrasting color will have plenty of wedges and vsheyte in sections. Hem the bottom of the product. Of the same fabric make new cuffs, waistband, and collar coat. Change the shape of the collar, and you have a brand new model.
Coat can not only shorten, but make it longer. To do this, on the bottom hem of fur about the edge of the required length. Do the same cuffs and collar. Buy this half a meter of faux fur. Now in the shop you can buy quality and beautiful fake fur. If you are in the closet hangs an old coat, which you already don't wear, make the edge of it.
If you do not want to radically change the appearance of your old coats, suits and length & model, change the buttons and sew the slices in a beautiful braid. So you will give your coat a new look.