You will need
  • - birth certificate (certificate from the registry office);
  • - the statement;
  • - passport for replacement;
  • receipt about payment of state duty;
  • - certificate on family composition;
  • - 4 pics;
  • - marriage certificate or divorce;
  • - military ID (for military service).
If you are over the age of 14 years for obtaining a passport required a birth certificate, a statement of the unified forms, written personally for employee of the FMS, the payment receipt of state duty for registration of document, 4 photos size 4,5x3,5. You must submit documents within 30 days after attaining the specified age.
If you are 25 or 45 years is the prescribed age for passport change, refer to the FMS. Complete the application, submit the passport for replacement, 4 photos, certificate from place of residence about family structure, marriage certificate or divorce papers, birth certificate of all children.
45 years – this is the latest date when you should replace the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation. Change document can be accessed only in the case if you change personal data, lost passport or document has deteriorated due to various reasons.
The terms of issue of a new passport can vary. Set turnaround time is 10 days. If you change the passport at the place of registration or in another region, the processing time of the document may be 2 months. During this period, will validate all your data on all bases, so during this period you have the right to obtain a temporary certificate, proving your identity. Certificate is issued on a unified form 2P.
If you have changed your personal data in order to obtain a passport, submit a new birth certificate or a certificate from the Department of registration of acts of civil status, certificate of family composition, 4 photos, certificate of marriage or divorce, birth certificate of all children, proof of payment of the state duty, the statement of the unified forms, written in the migration service.