Before you start trading, go to stoream future competitors, ask what products they offer. If you can, select your original product. Let's assume that all interesting ideas are already in use, then if you want to open your shop or in a large border town, bet on foreign cars, popular in your area.
If you constantly sell spare parts for cars for you is too expensive, purchase a small consignment and advertise your storeas a shopspecialized mainly in the execution of orders future customers.
If even a small batch of goods you cannot afford, open a shop of related products (consumables). They are always in high demand, and you will soon be able to buy the first batch of auto parts.
Possibly open a store as close as possible to the center of the city. Of course, the price of renting space in the center will be much higher than what you would pay on the outskirts, in residential districts such stores so abundant, and not the fact that buyers will seek it in your shop. More expensive rent will cost along busy roads. But, by agreement, we can arrange it. Your costs will pay off very quickly, so do not spare money on rent in a good location.
Of course, use all the available types of advertising. Not stingy, order a good specialist (or contact an advertising Agency, developed the concept of advertising of your establishment.
Find reliable suppliers of goods. Do not rely on friends, because business and friendship are incompatible concepts. Use old ties or if you are a beginner in this business, please contact your consultant. The services of these professionals are not cheap, but then you will not have to blush in front of buyers and customers for the improper quality of the goods.
Try to make contact with the garages in the vicinity. If the service station has recently opened, or Vice versa, is a very long running, it is likely that the owners will want to cooperate with you.
Arrange nice goods on the shelves (for example, according to the scheme "triangle"). Nice and neatly goods will be evidence of the liability of the owner for quality products and timely execution of orders.
Hire a staff of professional sellers, couriers, and guards. Don't skimp on the video surveillance, alarm and other security systems.
If your shop has been working, think, and do all your actions contribute to its "promotion" and read this manual as if starting from scratch.