Advice 1: How to lower testosterone in men

For normal condition and good health of human production of all hormones, including testosterone, should be OK. Testosterone is a male sex hormone, and the most common questions about how to raise it (low testosterone is bad for male potency). However, it should be remembered that elevated levels of testosterone harmful for the body, and avoid taking drugs that increase the level of this hormone.
How to lower testosterone in men
If too large a level of testosterone throughout the body men start to grow rapidly hair that may cause discomfort to him and not like his friend. However, on the skin of men there is a lot of purulent acne that leave scars and cause pain. With higher levels of testosterone linked to men's aggressiveness, which can lead to uncontrolled actions and bad consequences for himself and others. The most terrible result of increased levels of the sex hormone is testicular atrophy. This occurs as a result of the fact that the body tries to reduce the amount of testosterone to bring it to normal, and this neutralizes the effect of the sex glands. In addition, at elevated levels of the male sex hormone are destroyed nerve cells and brain cells and can also develop prostate cancer. The most unusual consequence of excess testosterone – the formation of male Breasts on the female type. The fact that the extra testosterone can be converted to derivatives of female hormones (estrogen), which leads to such changes in the male body.
If you begin to notice that the hair growth you have increased, you become irritable and can't control his sexual desire, consult your doctor. After passing the necessary examinations and tests, the specialist will be able to identify the cause of this condition you have and prescribe treatment. You may be prescribed hormonal drugs or treatment agencies, the dysfunction of which has led to higher levels of testosterone.
You can also try to lower the level of testosterone in your body. To do this is to refuse to accept various hormonal drugs or steroids if you have previously. It may be enough to only do this step to the amount of testosterone back to normal.
You can also go for a while on a special diet designed to reduce levels of sex hormones, however should not keen on this food, because it is quite harmful. First of all, give up sweets and increase the amount of salty foods in your diet. Sugar and products containing starch, are the source of glucose, which increases the level of testosterone, and the salt, on the contrary, reduces it. Eliminate from your diet meat, especially fried, because it contains substances that stimulate the production of sex hormones. Increase the amount of soy products because they contain estrogen. Also well suited to the consumption of large amounts of fatty cow's milk and coffee. Do not make a menu for yourself a regular, because such food is harmful to health. He should follow only if you are plagued by symptoms that accompany elevated levels of testosterone.
To get rid of excess testosterone will also help regular exercise.

Advice 2 : How to lower male hormones

Male sex hormones are though to be present in the body of women, but within reasonable limits. When the testosterone level rises above permissible levels, women begin to gain weight, they have hair in unwanted places (chest, upper lip). To avoid all negative manifestations of masculinity, it is necessary to undergo treatment.
How to lower male hormones
You will need
  • - hormonal means;
  • - caffeine;
  • - mint;
  • red root.
This problem will help to solve the endocrinologist, in extreme cases, a gynecologist. Make an appointment with a specialist. You will be given a blood test for levels of hormones. To start treatment until results of tests are just pointless, because you need to know what needs to be treated.
To reduce the level of male sex hormones will help you oral contraceptives. But the dosage should be adjusted by your doctor. Not all hormone treatment have a therapeutic effect, for example, from low-dose drugs will not be confused as they are as close to natural hormonal background of women. To achieve balance, high-dose, highly prescribed drugs that contain mostly estrogen.
Can take the herb red root, it corrects the hormonal balance. Despite the fact that in women it has one effect, and men another. Red root adapts to the characteristics of the organism, and if the beautiful half of humanity it raises estrogen levels, a strong testosterone. Method of use is described in the abstract. But you have a choice - buy a medicinal plant in the form of herbs or pills. Get what you optimally suited. For example, if you work, you will be more convenient to take pills than it is to brew the herb in the middle of the day.
Caffeine also corrects some hormonal women, and raises the level of female hormones. If you consume several cups of coffee a day, gradually estrogen will increase when the level of testosterone will gradually decline. But remember that coffee is contraindicated for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.
Drink herbal tea made from mint, she takes testosterone and helps to normalize hormonal levels. It is for this reason to use mint men it is impossible, as they decrease important hormones can have a negative impact on overall health and potency.
What to do if tired want: how to lower potency. incl. 19 December 2012. Sometimes sexual desire is well too Intrusive. To cope with this easily — alcohol, nicotine, drugs, sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep will reduce testosterone production. But how to reduce male potency and not lose health?

Advice 3 : How to increase testosterone in men natural ways

Testosterone is a specific hormone that is primarily men needed for normal development and health. In women it is also found, but in much smaller amounts. It is important to know how to increase testosterone in men natural ways, to see his children healthy and full.
How to increase testosterone in men natural ways

Amount of testosterone in men depends first of all from his lifestyle. To increase the concentration of this hormone by natural means, you need to abandon:

  • frequent drinking of alcohol;
  • Smoking;
  • junk food.

You must maintain a balanced diet, sleep 8 hours a day to provide the body with uniform loads. In the latter case, it is not so much about exercise, but about mobile life: have to walk the walk, not drive, to climb stairs, not the Elevator, etc.

What causes low amount of testosterone

To know how to increase testosterone in men natural ways, you need to understand whether the amount of the hormone below normal. There are many indicators that will answer this question:

  • lack of sex drive;
  • slow metabolism;
  • reduction in muscle mass;
  • the deterioration of memory and thought processes;
  • the lowering of the tone and concentration;
  • fatigue, irritability.

If it was seen 3-4 signs at a time, then, most likely, the testosterone levels in men decreased significantly.

Natural ways to increase testosterone in men

To increase testosterone in men, recommended to use natural ways. Various drugs and supplements, doubtless, in a short time will increase the hormone levels in the body. But those side effects that they can cause, can cause significant harm. In addition, the effect of the drug will quickly disappear if you stop taking it.

In the beginning of the text was specified the reasons that lower testosterone. Therefore, you should do the following:

  • To abandon tobacco and large quantities of alcohol.
  • Exclude from the diet fatty foods, sodas, fast carbs.
  • To add to the diet citrus fruits, nuts, fish, lean meat, clean water.
  • Lead an active lifestyle, to ensure a permanent sleep, exercise.
  • Regularly engage in active sex.
  • Eliminate the stress.

Advice 4 : How to produce testosterone

External signs of low of the hormone testosteroneand in men is a small number or complete absence of hair on the face and chest, increase in body fat, decreased muscle tone, gynecomastia (enlarged Breasts), sudden reddening of the face, neck, chest, feeling of fever, shortness of breath, excessive sweating and much more.
The signs of low testosterone levels in men
There are other signs: men with low levels of testosterone rarely bald often suffer from reduced potency, libido, depression and increased irritability. They have worsening memory and reduced mental abilities. Even if you notice most of the above symptoms - do not self-medicate. Even on these grounds it is impossible to independently put a diagnosis. It is necessary to refer to the endocrinologist and to hand over the analysis on a hormone testosterone.The townsfolk used to think that testosterone is only for men. Yes, it is a male sex hormone, but its production takes place in different proportions, but in the body of both men and women. In men, the normal level of testosterone is considered to be 6-8 mg (10-30 nmol/l) in women this figure is much lower.If the endocrinologist has diagnosed you deficiency of testosterone is it will give all the necessary recommendations. If deficiency of testosterone is critical, then prescribe injections of testosterone.
Testosterone is the main male sex hormone
Never without the advice of a doctor not prescribe themselves this drug. The big danger is that the drug is freely sold at online stores to bodybuilders. It is proved that the excessive level of testosterone, although and helps muscle mass, but it kills brain cells, makes men aggressive, violent and even suicidal. An overabundance of this hormone often leads to divorce and breakups of relationships with women, than the lack of it. Men stop being gentle and affectionate with your loved ones, start to show aggression to a woman, cease to share their thoughts and feelings. And yet they are dramatically different.
Excess <strong>testosterone</strong>
Nemedikamentozhnykh methods of increasing the level of testosterone in the male body reduced to banal. First, it is calm in the family and at work, because stress reduces the level of this male hormone.Second, a proper diet (absolutely can not starve and sit on strict diets), vitamins, drugs to enhance immunity, as any physical ailment entails a reduction in testosterone. To increase the level of testosterone also affects a sufficient level of zinc in food. And it's a whole grain bread, fish and other seafood, green salad, green apples, citrus fruits, mineral water. Quite a lot of zinc in rabbit meat and chicken, nuts, peas, beans, lentils. A lot of it in wheat bran, sprouted beans, the wheat, seeds of pumpkin and sunflower.It is also important to the body in sufficient quantity got vitamin b, but the nature of this plan ordered the a few foods rich in zinc are also rich in b vitamins.
Zinc in food
Do not self-medicate, it can lead to undesirable consequences.
Useful advice
If you have concerns that your level of testosterone is lowered, be sure to consult a doctor-endocrinologist.

Advice 5 : How to increase testosterone without drugs

Testosterone is the hormone of strength and passion. This is one of the most important hormones associated with energy, courage, youth and enthusiasm. The greater the level of men, the more his impulses and aspirations to take risks, extreme sports and entertainment, and, of course, such men have considerable libido. Women with high levels of this hormone also brave, successful in business. Sometimes, however, it happens that its level is reduced. The article discusses why this occurs and how to restore the level of testosterone to normal.
The testosterone molecule
Testosteroneω is called male hormone, is produced in the testes in men. A small amount of it is present in women. This hormone can rightly be called the hormone of love, courage and passion. The more a person levels of testosterone, the more he enjoys the power and extreme sports. These people quickly follow the situation, scope of activities, and sometimes go to extremes in the field of extreme sports. Such men sexually active, sometimes polygamous, but always represent excellent, passionate lovers. However, not all male testosterone levels are so high. Some, on the contrary, downgraded. The reasons for low levels of testosterone many, the main among them are the following:- chronic stress, lack of sleep
- unfavorable ecological situation in the city
- abuse of alcohol and tobacco
- metabolic disorders
- overeating
- overworking the body diets
So, as mentioned above, testosterone is the hormone of energy and love. But what if suddenly you discovered the loss of these qualities depression? You went to the doctor, he told you that he was there, with the exception of a strong reduction in the level of testosterone. Well, before you - a great reason to change your lifestyle.First, limit your alcohol intake, and better and reduce him to nothing. Alcohol affects testosterone levels in blood and potency. If you drink spirits, and I can not abandon them, at least replace them with wine, but they drink only on holidays and in moderation. Secondly the decline of this hormone occurs because of zinc deficiency. To increase the level of zinc in the body should be included in the diet of fish, seafood, cheese, vegetables and fruits, as well as vitamins B6 and B12. In addition, do not like to overeat, and Vice versa, to exhaust yourself diets. Eat slowly, find your own "Golden mean" in which you feel comfortable.
Another factor that increases the level of testosterone is healthy lifestyle. Be sure to get enough sleep, do not overdo it, spend more time in the fresh air, be confident. Also note that the testosterone level can increase when exposed to the body of light, so more sunbathing and traveling. In this way of life is the level of this hormone will increase significantly.
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