If too large a level of testosterone throughout the body men start to grow rapidly hair that may cause discomfort to him and not like his friend. However, on the skin of men there is a lot of purulent acne that leave scars and cause pain. With higher levels of testosterone linked to men's aggressiveness, which can lead to uncontrolled actions and bad consequences for himself and others. The most terrible result of increased levels of the sex hormone is testicular atrophy. This occurs as a result of the fact that the body tries to reduce the amount of testosterone to bring it to normal, and this neutralizes the effect of the sex glands. In addition, at elevated levels of the male sex hormone are destroyed nerve cells and brain cells and can also develop prostate cancer. The most unusual consequence of excess testosterone – the formation of male Breasts on the female type. The fact that the extra testosterone can be converted to derivatives of female hormones (estrogen), which leads to such changes in the male body.
If you begin to notice that the hair growth you have increased, you become irritable and can't control his sexual desire, consult your doctor. After passing the necessary examinations and tests, the specialist will be able to identify the cause of this condition you have and prescribe treatment. You may be prescribed hormonal drugs or treatment agencies, the dysfunction of which has led to higher levels of testosterone.
You can also try to lower the level of testosterone in your body. To do this is to refuse to accept various hormonal drugs or steroids if you have previously. It may be enough to only do this step to the amount of testosterone back to normal.
You can also go for a while on a special diet designed to reduce levels of sex hormones, however should not keen on this food, because it is quite harmful. First of all, give up sweets and increase the amount of salty foods in your diet. Sugar and products containing starch, are the source of glucose, which increases the level of testosterone, and the salt, on the contrary, reduces it. Eliminate from your diet meat, especially fried, because it contains substances that stimulate the production of sex hormones. Increase the amount of soy products because they contain estrogen. Also well suited to the consumption of large amounts of fatty cow's milk and coffee. Do not make a menu for yourself a regular, because such food is harmful to health. He should follow only if you are plagued by symptoms that accompany elevated levels of testosterone.
To get rid of excess testosterone will also help regular exercise.