Advice 1: How to describe a person's character

He is kind, responsive, cheerful. Speaking of someone, we take the nice words, but the character is a multifaceted concept, and to give an accurate description of the man, not just to praise or scold him. Follow our instructions, and your characterization is an accurate and objective.
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To start, determine the type of temperament of the person. Spermatozoa and excitable, sociable people considered choleric, there is still a melancholic and sanguine (something average between the first two). The division is very conditional, let this first characteristic will be the starting point.
Next is to understand how a person builds its relations with the outside world. Need in communication, sociable people – extroverts. Introverts – those who pays primary attention to his inner world and restricts contacts with the outside.
A person's character is best manifested in his actions, they speak for themselves. Sometimes, that boy, always considered himself timid in the extreme situation acts like a hero. Observe how the characteristic given by the man himself at odds with his behavior in life.
The revealed contradictions will help you discover not only obvious, but hidden from prying eyes traits. For example, the girl falsely accuse someone for immoral behavior, makes everyone's mind the affair with a married man. Do not rush to write it in the wretch. Perhaps in this way she expresses her hidden temper, which she persistently denied.
There are also large discrepancies between the way describes himself a person and how see it from outside. Ask what they think about your neighbour Masha, your friends, and you will marvel at the range of opinions. Carefully conducting further surveys, you certainly will identify some recurring characteristics. They will be your guide.
Use a cunning technique. Ask the person to tell what he thinks about others. Characterizing others, we often describe ourselves. Please note that he condemns. Often, others we don't like what we don't accept in ourselves.
Keep all the information together, add their own experiences. If possible, conduct testing according to the method of Smereka, Eysenck, or your psychological surveys from popular magazines. You will be able to compare the results of their own impromptu research with test data.

Advice 2: How to determine a person's character by his behavior

Character – the set of mental traits that comprise the personality of a person. It manifests itself in the external actions of a person: the actions, the relation to surrounding people and objects. In fact, it is impossible to determine the nature of other criteria than behavior.
How to determine a person's character by his behavior
A defining feature of the character – the temperament. Psychologists believe that this trait does not change during life, but may change its intensity. The system of temperaments is based on the doctrine of the two types of behavior – introverted and extraverted.
The nature of the introvert is determined by the external isolation, the person avoids big noisy companies, limiting the range of one or two people. The extrovert, by contrast, is focused on the external world, has a large number of contacts and acquaintances. His personality traits are expressed in behavior is much stronger than the introvert because he's not used to hide feelings and limit symptoms.
Recently, some psychologists began to identify a third type of behavior – ambiguity (lat. Ambi – around). A person of this type feels equally comfortable in large and small companies, in public and in privacy. His character can manifest traits of both introvert and extrovert.
Man-extrovert prone to impulsive behavior. Depending on the type of temperament (choleric or sanguine) he has a respectively higher or lower reaction rate. Such people find it difficult to concentrate on the monotonous work. Sanguine tend to scatter energy from several cases and the result is all done. Choleric in his temper often cause disapproval and irritation introverts, especially the phlegmatic. The gestures of these two types, active and ground covering.
Introverts (phlegmatic and melancholic) at the first meeting create the impression of calm and balance, because symptoms of their reserved and almost invisible. Phlegmatic can be identified by the slowness of reaching a certain lethargy, but such behavior is the norm, due to the need to think about every step. In this regard, they feel a dislike to choleric and react to any event immediately, without hesitation and regard for the future. Melancholic inclined to pity, depression and melancholy, but reveal their feelings only in extreme cases and only to very close friends.

Advice 3: How to determine a person's character by their appearance

The question of the impact of the appearance of man on his nature excites people for a very long time. One of the first to attempt to connect the German psychiatrist and psychologist Ernest Kretschmer. In accordance with its classification, there are three main body type, each corresponding to a certain socio-psychological type.
How to determine a person's character by their appearance

As a rule, fat people are short in stature, the holders of full and short limbs, round head sitting on a short neck and a wide face with soft features.

Usually people with this body type are cheerful, energetic, sociable and talkative. They have a good sense of humor and can easily survive the hardships of life. Despite the fact that people of this type do not seek to gain credibility and indifferent to power, they can easily defend their own position. And, do it quietly and not "losing face". They seek to build their relations with people at a certain, convenient, and easily achieve this.

People with well developed muscles and skeleton. As a rule, average or high growth. They have a broad chest, powerful shoulders, narrow hips, long and thick limbs. Facial bones protruding.

"Athletics" have the assertiveness and determination. They are leaders and always strive to dominate. Very active and sociable. "Athletic" should be the center of attention. They stubbornly go to the goal and practically do not consider the opinions and feelings of other people. Quite quick-tempered and impulsive.

People of asthenic type usually have a rather fragile build. They have narrow shoulders, long and thin limbs, elongated and flat chest. Face "astenikov" a little elongated, and the skin is thin and pale.

Are people closed and unsociable. They are prone to contemplation and reflection. Usually have aristocratic manners. The "asteniki" very ambitious and painfully proud. They seek to recognize and hard to survive failures. This type of people such qualities as arrogance, selfishness, and emotional coldness.
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