First, decide why you want to master this weapon. To protect the rifle is unlikely to fit, but to meet the hunting needs will be most welcome. It is also used in various shooting competitions.
Remember, you can't direct a weapon at a person, because by default, the rifle is always loaded. Grasp the barrel with one hand, other hand hold the trigger. Next, decide the position from which you will make a shot. In order to learn how to shoot, you need to choose the position in which you feel the rifle is better.
Stand tall, feet slightly spread, the butt of the rifle must rest against the shoulder. Swing the upper body back, and the thumb of the left hand should rest on the trigger, which is at the bottom. Index finger put directly on the trigger. To begin, make a training firing blank cartridges, or just try to stand with a rifle in his hands.
Position lying and sitting also imply that the emphasis of the butt is in contact with the shoulder, and the barrel is at eye level. Left to correctly aim. On all the rifles there is a system of sighting devices. On modern machines it often it optical. Feel that you are aimed exactly where you want to go. Remove the rifle from the guard, if available. Hold your breath and exhale fire the shot.
Inspect the target, draw conclusions about where you want to reject the barrel of the rifle at the next shot to be more accurate. Remember that any weapon should be configured and tested in action. Don't worry if you can't do something: everything comes with experience and after a huge amount of training.
How to learn to shoot from <strong>rifle</strong>