The average age of employees of the company has implications for policy: a system of evaluation and promotion for the "young" and more "the age ofgovernmental" offices varies. Therefore, the HR Manager sometimes it is necessary to calculate the average age of employees.
To calculate the average age of employees of the company, you need to calculate the arithmetic average ageof ov employees of the company. It is calculated as follows: age of all employees is formed and divided by their number. As a rule, is taken to count the actual number of years an employee at a given date (i.e., if in November this year he will be 40 years old, and now until April, you must take 39 years).
Example determine the average ageand employees of the company.
In the company N. 10 employees. One of them is 18, two is 20, three in 35, four 40. You must combine the age of all employees:
18 + 20X2 + 35х3 + 40х4 = 323
This number is divided by 10 (number of employees). The result is 32.3. This is the average age of employees of the company N.
Sometimes managers calculate the average age of employees of the company in the same position. This is useful for understanding what kind of people should be hired for these positions further, because employees (particularly at not very high positions) is more comfortable to work with peers or those slightly older than them. For example, if the average age of paralegals N. company equal to approximately 24 years, for this position it is better to hire people for about 22-26 years old.