Think about how you want to rebuild a holiday home. If you wish to increase the living space, not constructing a new home, and using an existing one, you better build a second floor. Keep in mind that this does not need to create a new Foundation and to associate it with the Foundation of the old building to the armature, as, for example, when building out space on the ground floor. The second floor will give you additional living space and save money in the construction compared to a house extension horizontally.
Create an attic room in your country home. You must remove the roof of the house, because the after will be ready the second floor, you will build a new one.
Build the walls on the second floor. Better to make them out of wood. You can use, for example, glued laminated timber. Also for the construction of the second floor of the country house fits the log with cylindering. Try not to violate the basic architectural design of your holiday home. Create in the walls window and door openings.
Cover the floor of the second floor with laminate. This building material is popular because it is relatively inexpensive, and its styling does not require execution of complex operations. Connecting panel, make sure that the joints coincide.
Make veneer wood home wall modern finishing materials such as siding panels. Under them lay the foam panel. This way you will insulate the house. Replace old wooden Windows with modern PVC designs and double-glazing. Do some roof repair.
Pick up building materials for manufacturing roofing asphalt, slate, metal or steel materials with a polymer coating. When building roof do not forget to leave the broad eaves and to organize the free flow of rainwater.