Build Foundation for extra living space. The depth it needs to match up with the existing ones. In order to save you can create a Foundation of various building materials such as old rebar, concrete blocks or stones.
Pour the Foundation solution by combining three parts of cement with one part sand. Before casting, make sure there in the Foundation vents, or under the house, there could be mold. To do this you should be laid across the formwork asbestos-cement pipe.
Build a cellar. For this retreat one meter from the inner side of the Foundation, dig a hole about six feet deep and overlaid it with a brick. Make the entrance to the cellar through the hatch.
Connect the new Foundation with the old butt. Align the surface of the Foundation with a liquid solution by mixing equal proportions of sand and cement. Produce the laying of roofing material for waterproofing and proceed to construct walls out of foam and timber. Placed in the center. Your Foundation should have tabs with inner and outer sides, which you need to put sexual and fun.
Connect logs and timber vertically to the wall by putting old construction lumber having a size of 15x15 cm and sew it with long nails. Should nail two vertical strips of 5x5 cm, to in the middle of the formed groove. Make a gash under his new timber wall and insert it into the groove.
To connect the concrete wall and the stone block, place the blocks close to the beam. Here you should have a gap of about 2 cm, which you then fill with foam.
Make sure that the walls of the old and the new buildings ended at the same height. Withstand it will help you water level. If there are fluctuations in the height of the walls, align them.
Disassemble the roof, remodel the house, increase its height and bring new, covering it with corrugated slate of metal. Observe meter width of the canopy roof above the wall, making a wide cornice and free draining.