You will need
  • - cash
  • - computer with Internet access
Decide in advance how you want to congratulate your sweetheart with birthday. Select a gift and begin to prepare for the celebration. For room decoration buy posters of congratulations, or, if time and funds, do them to order. For example, take funny, hilarious pictures of her husband and under each write an original wish.
Invite your spouse on a romantic date. Do not have to go to a cafe or restaurant, you can have a picnic outside the city or spend the weekend at the recreation center. Provide all the details, try to my husband was not in their plans for the day, build out the Pets and find someone to watch the kids during your absence.
Prepare husband a cake of an unusual shape, for example, in the form of a female breast or butt. To do this, look on cooking sites recipes with pictures of the final product and make an order in the bakery or bake yourself. And in the morning put on the table the cake was a surprise. Don't forget to take a picture of the beloved's face when he saw this miracle.
Comply for its cute lap dance. Therefore, pre-invent your stage persona and practice in front of a mirror. You don't need a professional tease, the important fact dance performance. Forget about all the limits and stand before her husband in a new way. Pleasant memories of such a surprise in the memory of her husband will remain for a long time.
Beforehand buy Chinese sky lanterns on which you write wishes or recognition. And in the evening together with her husband run into the sky and see how they turn into little Golden stars.