Prestante to encourage his advances, for example, make the gifts out of politeness. No matter what it is – a car or a nice bauble. To explain his refusal in this case you don't have enough soft "I can't, sorry."
Don't avoid the pesky Cavaliers, he may decide that you lure him to this "old fashioned method". Better talk to him frankly. Prepare for the fact that you have to say "no". It is difficult, especially if the man was used to hearing from you permanent Yes.
Most likely, your inability to deny is fear. Women are taught to be right, good, and men often shamelessly use it and accept it's common courtesy for the invitation to the intima. Your "no" in this case means only wanting to be used, so don't be afraid to stand up for themselves.
It is not necessary to be rude, especially in response to ardent love. No matter how you disliked the man, maybe his feelings are sincere. Tell me that he's a real catch for any girl, but you can't answer him.
Offer him friendship. This trick sometimes sobering even to the most notorious ladies ' man. Male definitely will realize that in erotic terms is not interesting, and friends interested him.
Introduce him to a friend. Maybe they were made for each other! Describe the man with the best hand, not to mention the fact that you just don't like him. Let friend will make your own opinion about it.
Flirt with other men! Surrounding himself with a crowd of gentlemen, you give to understand that they are free and have not yet opted for a specific candidate. Ought it to do to your boyfriend, like a bucket of cold water, especially if he imagines himself to your sweetheart.
Be firm in your decision not to socialize with annoying man, don't try to entice him even in jest. Maybe he is just waiting that you will be alone, and you will have nowhere to go from his courtship. He knows that the chance he does not, then he will cease to bother you.