Do I really have to stop talking?

Before you go to such drastic measures, it is necessary to weigh all "for" and "against", to understand his own soul. Perhaps someone who vehemently does not want to communicate with a friend or buddy, holding on him some temporary resentment that creates in his mind thoughts about the termination of the communication. Do not drive horses! Maybe this offense can be forgiven. If other choice but to break relations not, stop communicating with the person need, if possible, in a polite manner so as not to make enemies.

How to stop to chat with a man?

Politely talk to the person. This is perhaps one of the simplest ways, the crucial issue of the relationship with the objectionable person. For example, two men could just talk to each other, to dot the "I". The same thing can be done and women and children. Here work psychological effect: the mere fact that a person do not want to communicate, will force him to rise above his "opponent" and no longer bother him.

Not to go on first contact. Often it helps the friendship to fade. If one person is not willing to communicate with others, he should just stop contact with him. Not to make contact is to ignore how personal communication and telephone conversations and even social networking (email). However, this method does not guarantee a polite gap of interpersonal relations.

Not to respond to the invitation. This method will allow two people to stop communicating among themselves in a polite manner. The main thing you need to do is to reject any invitation from his friend (friend), referring to a particular employment. Relationship in most cases stop of themselves. You can decline invitations, finding more good reasons and explaining them to be "fair" (fishing trip, a trip to relatives for a birthday, etc.).

Feedback late. Some people suspend relations with disagreeable friends, girlfriends, or buddies, defiantly responding to their posts in social media (or texting) with a noticeable delay. Of course, just ignore the messages do not need, but to answer them with a delay of 1-2 days, but still not long-winded - that's the truth! In this case, the unwanted subscriber will be or to send their messages less and less, or even immediately cease to do so.