Sync history

First synchronization was demonstrated at the exhibition software in the Swiss capital, Bern, 1985. Contacts were made between the two programs that perform a large number of mathematical operations and constantly communicate among themselves. It was already clear that the synchronization will find its application in science and technology.

In the 90-ies of the last century synchronization was used by the us military to coordinate the supersonic fighter "Stells". The coordinates of the fighter is transferred to the satellite, back he received information about all the synchronized aircraft.

In 1998, after ten years since the "invention" synchronization was used in the development of world famous company Motorola.

Contacts sync

Since the advent of compact mobile phones the lives of business people all over the world preterpela radical change. To be "always connected" is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Many entrepreneurs and managers depend on the contacts phonebook. But the phone can break, be stolen. Often in such negative situations regret most of all about contacts mobile.

To solve the problem of maintaining the contacts can sync. There are apps and online services syncing contacts with your computer. This service provides many of the mobile operators (the"Second memory").

Popular app sync computers and mobile devices Sinchronet. It allows not only to protect and copy the data of the phonebook, but also supports sharing of notes, files. Sinchronet is a completely free program, created by a team of independent programmers. Service contacts sync supports the popular mobile platforms iOS, Android, Windows Phone. It can be used even with the phone without "advanced" operating system - Sinchronet can be downloaded as a java application.

Cloud services

Modern smartphones are performing more and more useful features. Now your cell phone can link a person to his computers and files. Cloud services are one of the most reliable and easiest ways to sync on the phone.

Cloud services provide space on its server to store the user information and synchronize mobile devices with your computer. Dropbox, Amazon.Box, Google.Drive and Yandex.Disk offer free gigabytes of memory.

To synchronise your phone through the cloud service, you must register and install the mobile device client "cloud". You can install clients on all your devices (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer). If you change information on one device, your changes will be saved on all the other in real time.