Opening your own business, first you need to have initial capital. If not, then take out a Bank loan. Before doing this, calculate all the costs you will have to incur.
Pick a suitable premises for the store of seeds. A lot of costs will go to the storeand buying display cases, racks, cash register. Also don't forget about the repair and design of the room.
If you want to be a business owner with a stable income, you need a certain solution that will be profitable regardless of the season. For example, expand the range of products offered in your storeE. Do it at the expense of loved ones seed product groups. The perfect solution would be selling the seeds of exotic plants and all related products for the cultivation of flowers in pots. If in the spring the shelves of your storeand will be filled with mostly goods for gardeners – a variety of seeds, fertilizers, plant from various insects, after the end of the summer season it will be the seeds and bulbs of flowers and fertilizer for them. Make the emphasis on exotic colors. On the market for such offerings is still very small, so it will be a highlight of your store.
Don't forget about advertising and promoting your shop. Nice original sign, small shields with ads, distribution of ads in the metro, discount programs, which offer a cumulative discount - all this has a good effect on sales. Also in the promotion of your shopand can help well-made Internet site with colorful pictures of flowers and vegetables that will grow from seedssold in your shopE.
Extend the range of your shopand, entering small garden tools, products for flower growers. Approximate payback period – 1 year. With proper organization and thorough planning, the project can bring you a considerable profit.