Study the market you plan to enter. Visit the shops for gardeners in your city, consider their offer, observe the behavior of the buyers. All conclusions record.
Find funds to open the business. It can be your own money or the money of the investor. With a shortage of resources, a good solution may be to find a partner. So it will be easier to do business. There is also the possibility of obtaining a Bank loan, but it small enough to get funding to open a new business is very difficult.
Register your company. If you are planning to open a large number of shops, you'll like this registration form as individual entrepreneurship. In this case, you will be able to save on taxes and various social contributions.
Find a suitable room. A gardening store is not very demanding for square - trade can be arranged even in the basement. However, the footage is better not to save. The spacious halls, the more products you will be able to place. It is important that the store was in a busy place where quite a lot of potential customers.
Determine the range of the store. It is advisable that you could offer any unique merchandise that will set you apart in a series of competitors. For example, start selling low-cost annual plants in decorative containers for landscaping areas and balconies. Or increase the range of seedlings of fruit plants, vegetable and berry crops from local growers. Offer related products for plant care, decorative elements for plots. Select a separate stand for the new products - they are sure to attract the attention of buyers.
Select suppliers for your store. Pay attention to local agricultural producers - often they can supply seedlings and seeds are very high quality and at lower prices. In addition, you can operate individually and with the people who grow flowers and other plants on their personal sites. This is useful if you don't need large quantities of goods, which often offer agricultural holdings.
Hire a sellers. It is desirable that these people loved gardening and was familiar with it. In this case, the older the seller will cause even more trust than the young. Employee age will associate the buyers with an experienced cottager.
Develop a program of promotion of the shop. Go to your Internet site, and if you have the opportunity - and the online store. It significantly expands your audience. In addition to the catalog of products and prices, you can post helpful articles about gardening that will increase the attendance of the Internet resource. It is also useful to participate in various professional exhibitions, as well as post information about your commercial enterprise on various forums gardeners.