Advice 1: How to charge a new phone

How to charge a new phone? If you do not perform this procedure correctly, in the end, the duration of discharge of the battery will be significantly shorter. We have prepared guidance on the proper charging of the new phone, following which you will significantly increase the battery life.
How to charge a new phone
You will need
  • Charger, cell phone.
Often many of us, buying a cell phone, immediately on returning home put it on charge and disconnect the device from the network after the indicator shows full battery. Note that this action you reduce the life of the battery, whereby the charging procedure it becomes necessary to perform more often. How to charge a new phone to eliminate the need for frequent charging? Consider this question in more detail.
Once you got home with a brand new cell phone, do not rush to put it on charge. Initially, you need to fully drain the battery. Until the battery is discharged, you can see the interface and capabilities of the purchased phone. Listen to music, play games, this way you will be able to discharge the battery much faster than to wait for its natural discharge. Only after the phone switches off, you can connect it to a charger.
During charging, the cell phone should be off at all times. Many people after a few hours, seeing on the display, a charged battery indicator, disconnect the device from the network, assuming that the phone is charged, and can be used for the purpose. If you do that, you unknowingly will significantly reduce the battery life. Once discharged, the phone was connected to the charger, must be at least twenty-four hours before it can be disconnected from the network. Exactly 24 hours need a new battery to a full charge and was working effectively. The next time you charge you can unplug the charger right after the led will inform you on the complete procedure of charging.

Advice 2: How to charge the battery of a new phone

Proper charging just bought the phone is able to extend the life of the device. Perform at the beginning of the use of the so-called crackdown new batteryand you will get the most effective device.
How to charge the battery of a new phone
You will need
  • charger;
  • - battery;
  • phone.
Read the manual of your phone. Special attention should be paid to the sections on the battery pack and methods of charging. A lot depends on the phone model and the battery type. For example, well-known acceleration method of a battery that is well suited for power supplies Nickel-metal hydride type (NiMH). For charging a new lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery, it should be corrected.
To start fully discharge your new phone. Make it faster just by talking on it, playing with mobile toys, listening to music on it, using a camera or 3G Internet. Screen brightness make as much as possible, but focus primarily on the comfort of eyes. If you are the owner of a new smartphone, take advantage of this moment to study his features or download your required applications. The phone should begin to signal low battery and need to connect to the network. Some more work on it, avoiding disconnection. In most modern phones there is a charge state display battery percentage, you can focus on it.
Connect the charger cable to the phone and the "charger" switch on the AC network. To charge use the original charger, designed and manufactured specifically for your model phone. During charging, do not use the phone, and better to completely turn it off (try to follow this rule at least during the first three or four charge cycles). Charge the battery until the phone will signal about the end.
Disconnect the charger from the mains and disconnect it from the phone. You can continue charging for a short time, if your phone has Li-ion battery. In the case of Nickel-metal battery, leave the phone on charge for the next 12 hours or even a day, not paying attention to his signals. Can schedule charging so that it came at night.
Repeat the cycle of "discharge-charge" 3-4 times. In other words, three fully discharge the phone and then charge depending on the battery type. This procedure can be compared to training in which the battery goes into its operating power. Then use the phone for conventional scheme for you and enjoy the really long term of Autonomous operation.
Try to observe the temperature regime specified in the data sheet. A long presence of the phone in the cold hurting the battery. Also do not forget the phone in the car in the summer heat.
Useful advice
Charging from AC is preferable charging from the USB port of the computer or laptop. Charger due to the precisely matched current does not harm the battery and makes charging faster.
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