You will need
  • Charger, cell phone.
Often many of us, buying a cell phone, immediately on returning home put it on charge and disconnect the device from the network after the indicator shows full battery. Note that this action you reduce the life of the battery, whereby the charging procedure it becomes necessary to perform more often. How to charge a new phone to eliminate the need for frequent charging? Consider this question in more detail.
Once you got home with a brand new cell phone, do not rush to put it on charge. Initially, you need to fully drain the battery. Until the battery is discharged, you can see the interface and capabilities of the purchased phone. Listen to music, play games, this way you will be able to discharge the battery much faster than to wait for its natural discharge. Only after the phone switches off, you can connect it to a charger.
During charging, the cell phone should be off at all times. Many people after a few hours, seeing on the display, a charged battery indicator, disconnect the device from the network, assuming that the phone is charged, and can be used for the purpose. If you do that, you unknowingly will significantly reduce the battery life. Once discharged, the phone was connected to the charger, must be at least twenty-four hours before it can be disconnected from the network. Exactly 24 hours need a new battery to a full charge and was working effectively. The next time you charge you can unplug the charger right after the led will inform you on the complete procedure of charging.