Advice 1: As a first time charge the battery for your phone

Before you can start to fully enjoy their new mobile phone, first you should think about how to plug it in. Because the correct charge of the battery can extend his life.
As a first time charge the battery for your phone
First you need to completely discharge the battery, i.e., to such an extent that the phone itself is turned off. Next, open the manual, find the Chapter on the first charge of the phone. Here will be listed what time this will take. After you connect the charger. A complete set of the energy capacity of the battery will take about ten to eighteen hours.
The phone can be left on charge over night. It is desirable to disable it to allow the battery a was focused only on the accumulation of energy, and not sharing it on the electronics device.
When the indicator shows that the battery is full, it means that over fast charge, then it continues slow. You should not keep the battery on charge for more than twenty-four hours to prevent over-accumulation of energy.
Similar procedure from full discharge to full charge you need to spend two or three times, then your phone will be ready to serve you more time even with large load and small temperature. In common parlance this process is called "training". However, it is only necessary for Nickel batteries, if you have lithium – does not require "training", it can be used in normal mode.
Nickel (NiMH – Nickel-metal hydride) batteries and later is recommended to put on charge subject to its complete absence. Systematic long charging (e.g. at night) may decrease its usable capacity.
Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries, in contrast, implies prolonged charging. If the indicator showed the content, it means only recruited about eighty percent of the remaining twenty will be accumulated over the next two to three hours.

Advice 2: How to charge the li-ion battery

Often people complain that newly purchased li-ion battery is quickly discharged. For example, a new phone in a couple of months holding the charge for much less time than immediately after purchase. It turns out that the fault is not the battery and not its producers, and the owner who is incorrectly using the battery.
How to charge the li-ion battery
You will need
  • Battery, memory.
Widely known method of "acceleration" of the battery. But it is suitable only for Nickel based power sources. When using lithium-ion batteries, this method will have slightly altered. After purchase, check if there's still charge in the battery. If there is, proceed to discharge. Faster all this is done in conversation mode, listening music, photographing, video shooting, GPRS, high brightness settings for the display. The phone must be discharged so that the battery icon started flashing, warning of the depletion of energy.
Now you can put the device on charging. Wait until the indicator show full charge. Can continue charging for a while. Try not to use the device while charging its battery. For example, if you charge the phone, try not to call him and make and nobody call, i.e. charge the phone in off state.
Working time li-ion battery may vary depending on the intensity of use of the apparatus and environmental conditions. In the cold, for example, the battery will spend a lot more resources than warm. Use the built-in flash on the camera will lead to increased power consumption. GPRS enabled, MP3 player, radio, etc. in a cell phone also reduce the battery life.
Useful advice
Always have a spare charged battery. It will save you in case of an unexpected discharge of the main power supply.
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