You will need
  • The Program Adobe Photoshop. System requirements and complete instructions on installing the software can be found on the website
Open the photo in Photoshop. Open the "File" menu, select "Open" (File - > Open and open a photo file.
The opening <b>photos</b> in Photoshop
On the toolbar click on the little double box "Default Foreground and Background Colors (foreground Color and default background") at the bottom of the toolbar to set the black foreground color. This is the color with which you need to enter text in this step.
On the toolbar, select the tool "Horizontal Type" ("Horizontal input"). In the upper part of the window will appear the parameters bar of the tool. Set the required values. Select a font from the dropdown list "Font" ("Font"). In the above example, you used a font "Arial". Select the font style. In the example used "Regular" ("Normal"). Enter the font size in the paragraphs in the textial field "Size" ("Size"). In the example used, the size of 30 points. In the opening list of "Anti-Aliasing ("Smoothing") select "Crisp" ("Clear"). Select an alignment option for the textand "Center Text" ("centered").
Enter the text you want to place on photos.
The text automatically appears on a new layer in the upper left area of the image where you clicked.
Click in the upper left region of the image window.
Please note that the palette "Layers" (Layers) now contains a layer named "Layer 1" ("Layer 1") with symbol "T" beside the layer name indicating that it is the textof the new layer.
Add <strong>text</strong>and
Select the tool "Move" ("Move") and drag the text, placing it where its reading is not difficult.
Please note that the palette "Layers" (Layers) the layer name is replaced by the entered text.
In the example, the text moved slightly to the right, where the photo a lighter background.
You can improve the look of your labels by adding special effects from the collection ready and editable layer styles. Open the menu "Layer" ("Layer"). Select "Layer Style (layer Style).
Making sure that active is a layer with the textom, experiment with your layer setting various effects. In the example set the effects "Drop Shadov" ("Shadow"), "Outer Glow" (the"Outer glow") and changed the text color via the "Color Overlay" ("Color").
Values for each effect, you can choose your own by selecting it and clicking on the name of the mouse effect.
The use of special effects
Photoshop provides the ability to attach labels to the original view through stylization and deformation of the text.
Make sure the layer with the textohms is still active. On the toolbar, select the tool "Horizontal Type" ("Horizontal input"). In the upper part of the window will appear the parameters bar of the tool. Click the "Create Warped Text" ("Create warped text"). Choose in the "Warp Text" your desired style and change the values.
In the example used the style of "Rize".
The use of deformation
In the tool options panel, click "Commit Any Сurrent Edits to Accept all the current changes") to make your edit, and disable edit mode.
Open the "File" menu, select "Save" (File - > Save).
The final image with the inscription