First of all, start with a mental attitude and there is a clear rule: if you think you will swim in the hole and get sick, and work. If you go into the hole with the idea that swim and get excellent health and good mood (because at this time, the body produces a huge amount of endorphins – the hormones of joy), you will achieve. Your motivation should be in a good mood and in good health, find like-minded people in this business, then it will be easier to start winter swimming.
Not immediately the first time to dive into the hole, this process should be a little prepared. To do this, start to build up our home within two to three months. Spill cold shower or jump in the bath filled with cool water. A cold bath is recommended for beginners not every day, but with some interruptions (every three days). Take some time and this extreme will be a regular thing.
Before plunging into the hole with ice water, run and do physical exercises. At the same time your body will begin to produce heat. The time has come to strip, lay on the snow a warm towel, to go out of the hole, you had to get up. Next put a towel, boots and a warm jacket (the first time without these things did not do).
Undressed, go to the hole and touched the water with her hands, RUB a shoulder-length. If you immediately plunge into ice water, the body reacts immediate narrowing of the blood vessels, leading to a sharp increase in pressure. So the first dip of the arms, legs, and rinse your face. The redistribution of blood and vasoconstriction will occur gradually and will not work pressure. Only by doing all these manipulations, it is possible to go into the water (but not jump, especially if you don't know what the bottom of the reservoir ).
After water procedures are carefully spread all over the body with a towel, it is absorbent and will not form an ice crust on your skin. Then put on warm socks and gloves, and then wear warm clothes. Take a small jog to the body a little bit warm, and drink hot sweet tea.