You will need
  • refined sugar, iodine, pencil lead, stationery glue, mustard.
If you can survive the day without food, try to pretend that you have an attack of gastritis. Tell your doctor that you are sick, you have loose stool, pain in region of stomach. After you have examined your empty stomach, your doctor will put you acute gastritis and discharged for a few days sick leave.
Drip a drop of iodine on a sugar cube and eat. Then the temperature will rise to 38, and you can safely go to outpatient clinics, the hospital provided to you. If desired, the procedure can be repeated several times to sit at home longer.
Place on a flat surface paper glue, wait until it dries. RUB the resulting mass into a powder and inhale it before the doctor's visit. Cough, runny nose and watery eyes will convince the doctor to send you to bed.
Take a very hot bath. Also can dissolve in a basin of hot water and mustard to put there feet. The temperature may rise by 3-4 degrees.
Instead of sugar with iodine, you can eat the lead of the pencil and in an hour safe to go to the doctor. The temperature rises, and for a few days you will get sick.
Before visiting the doctor spread armpit mustard. The thermometer will show a higher temperature, and you will achieve the desired result.
If moral principles do not allow you to deceive the health care system, prostate. Wet feet do not dry until the end of the hair and go for a walk. The main thing – do not overdo it, otherwise sitting on the hospital will not give you any pleasure.