You will need
  • Setting the password on the screen saver.
To enable a password after disabling the screensaver, you need to open the screen saver settings. Click menu "start" select "control Panel". In the opened window click the "screen Saver", then click "password saver".
Check the box next to "Start at the login screen the system, select the interval to activate the screen saver (in minutes), and then click OK. This is the main way of activating the screen saver with a password.
You can also do this operation using the system registry editor. Click the start menu, select Run. In the window that opens type regedit and click OK. In the opened registry editor window, open the following folder HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwarePoliciesmicrosoftwindowscontrol PanelDesktop. In this folder you must change the value of the ScreenSaverIsSecure key from "0" to "1". If there is no such value, create one by pressing the right mouse button on a blank area of the open folder, then choose "Create".
If you can not or do not know how to create the keys, you can use the create file for registry editor. The program automatically modifies or creates the key which you insert in the registry file. To create this file, you must open the text editor and create a new document. In the body of this document, place the following lines:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwarePoliciesmicrosoftwindowscontrol PanelDesktop]
Then click menu "File" select "Save as", give the name of the file "Screensaver.reg", then click "Save". Then run the file in the dialog box, click Yes.