You will need
  • - fabric, glue, gossamer;
  • - sewing machine, ruler, pencils;
  • - scissors, thread, pins, crayons;
  • - furniture, decorations, beads, rhinestones, buttons, ribbon.
If you decided to make a boring black dress unusual thing for clubs and parties, the first thing you will need is to shorten the length of the dress.Put on a dress, stand on heels and go to the mirror. Tuck the product to the desired length and popliteus his tailor's pins. Preen, poligames to understand whether it is convenient for you to bend over and to sit with such a length. If you are satisfied, lay the fabric on a flat surface and draw a straight line with chalk, focusing on places chips pins. Then cut off the excess. Treat the bottom of the dress on the serger or glue a "spiderweb".
The width of the dress can be left the same, that is, and can sause on the side seams. Perform the first gumption, try and then usivity.
What you can do with sleeves:
to cut to the elbow, and can be slightly higher;
- to unpick the old sleeves and cut out new sheer mesh or fabric with sequin, using operatie sleeves as templates;
- remove them altogether;
- leave only one sleeve.
In the latter case together with the cut off sleeve you should change the model's neck to make a dress with a landing on one shoulder. Another option is a deep cut to the chest, facing or decorated with braid or lace.
If the sleeves are to be left untouched, it is possible to expose the back. Try again the dress, mark with chalk, to what level you can make the cut. Keep in mind that the cut should be increased gradually and not to forget the allowance for ACC. Cut off the bottom of the dress to use as a facing for machining. If you hesitate to strip the body, make the cut-hornblende, vacav to place the cut oval same detail, but from a different cloth.
Decorate the outfit by using adhesive rhinestones, decorative accessories, beads, beads and even feathers.
If you decided to make a classic dress casual model for your office, then do as follows. Shorten the sleeve length ?. White satin-stretch fabric or cotton dress fabric tailor cuffs and pristrochite to the sleeves.
Use a white ribbon with a width of 5 inches, to focus the eyes on the chest. Pristrochite it on lines running directly under the breast. Front ribbon tie bow.
The length of the dress better to leave in the middle of the knee. The bottom hem carefully, adorn glossy white buttons with a hat or large beads. To fix, use a reinforced thread or fishing line.
Office along for the style, small size, brooch or pearl jewelry. Of the accessories you will need a clutch, booties, headband.
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