Note that a beautiful dress is very expensive. If not a large amount, then select the original dress is simply impossible. What to do in this case? In such a situation you need to purchase a regular dress that will not sit well on the bride and then decorate the dress.

Of course, Swarovski crystals for decoration of dress is hardly suitable, the whole on a budget. You can beautifully decorate the dress with special embroidery in addition to make a unique braid. If you have the talent, you still be aware of fashion trends. Earlier wedding dresses were austere and laconic. If possible, experiment with color and style. You can also add large details. It is best to do without unnecessary details. Very good will look large cut-outs, slits, large bows. All of this will emphasize your slender silhouette.

There are many different items and accessories, which fully gives the dress a nice look. For example, a white satin or chiffon dress with lace wide belt, the beginning of which comes from the hips, and at the end of the breast. An important detail is the belt. Its allocation is necessary. Highlight it using color, shape or material.

However, do not overdo it. Dress must be modest and at the same time to hit you with its rich look. To achieve such a result is possible only at observance of several simple rules. You need to choose a style for each figure, use an unusual material, and add special accessories.

According to stylists, style is not the most important feature of a wedding dress. The most important part are the accessories. The most simple and easy dress is easily transformed into a beautiful and irresistible. To add to the dress can also hat, scarf, rhinestones, well, can not do without a good manicure.

Attention can attract even the only bright detail on a neutral background of the dress. Today, in the fashion of flowers or geometric shapes "fell" on his shoulder.