Advice 1: How to make him apologize

Men life are children in soul. So, they love to play football, on the stock exchange, in a computer game. Therefore, they do not like to ask for forgiveness, remaining stubborn and proud, which often leads to quarrels. And the task of the intelligent adult woman that without accusations and scandals to give beloved to understand and realize they were wrong and apologize.
How to make him apologize
What if the man did wrong in your opinion, and not going to apologize. First, sit down and discuss. Perhaps your partner just did not understand what did he do and what offended you. Tell him your feelings, explain what specifically upset you. A loving man will ask me, even just to the second half did not suffer.
If a man never apologized, then he realized his guilt. This is a more serious problem, and here you need not just point out errors, and to clarify why your favorite is your wrong believes and takes everything for granted. For example, he went to meet up with friends without telling you about it. Perhaps in previous relationships or in the family partner was adopted with complete freedom of action. And he suffered this algorithm on your pair. Your task is to convince my beloved that it will inform you about your location, there is nothing that restricts his freedom. Tell me what you need it just to not worry about it. Most likely, one conversation will not end. So every time when the beloved forgets to call you, gently remind him about your request. Eventually he will get used to a new relationship and begin to get their only pleasure. And be sure to ask forgiveness if you break the promise.
Not only the acceptance of his guilt, but the fear of punishment causes the man to avoid excuses. In his opinion - sorry - so guilty. Innocent then punish. Encourage your man to punish him no one is going. Tell us what thing he did in the past and change anything. And his apology you only need to understand that he realizes the gravity of his misconduct and in the future I will try not to do it.
Useful advice
Do not start a serious conversation right after you found out about the wrongdoing of a loved one. Wait a while, at least an hour and a half. This break will give you the opportunity to calm down, to decide how serious the problem is and how best to build a dialogue.

Advice 2: How to get a man back

The resumption of relations after a breakup or a quarrel - a very complicated process, and sometimes insurmountable barrier for the pair. And before you decide on this act, weigh all the "pros" and "cons", think carefully and make sure that you actually need.
How to get a man back
Analyze the situation. Important here are such factors as the duration of your relationship, their quality, and also the reasons why you broke up. If convicted of your breakup was a young man, you must be sure that he realized his mistake and regrets his deeds. If it happened due to your fault, then you will earn the forgiveness and trust of your boyfriend, convince him that your feelings are still valid.
Proceed in accordance with the situation. If the cause of the break became you, you first need to apologize to her lover, to demonstrate a case of their respect for him. If guilty the guy, let him know that his actions have affected you, stick to a certain distance in the relationship. Just do not overdo it so as not to seem too arrogant. Try to get him to apologize and realize his mistake.
Best tested distance. Make sure that he missed you. And remember that whatever it is, life does not end, and the world has not converged wedge on this one, even if you are very much in love with him. After spending some time apart, each of you will be able to better analyze the situation, draw some conclusions.
Inappropriate on your part will also be harassing phone calls and text messages to a guy. Do not show him that you depend on him, instantly responding to his messages and phone calls. Show your independence.
In the process of reconciliation does not go on ridiculous baby things, throwing different notes by or through a third party. Behave like an adult. Just find the right time setting and seriously discuss the issue.
Be prepared for anything. Perhaps the first time to achieve reconciliation and to renew the relationship will fail. Most likely, your sweetheart did not immediately agree to any change. Do not be offended if his response is pretty blunt and negative. Better try to understand what feelings are behind his emotions. And if after some time he wants with you again to talk, remember him last negative conversation.

Advice 3: The child's behavior with strangers

Unfortunately, the statistics of kidnapping children is steadily increasing. As a rule, to find the stranger who encroached on your child quite difficult. Especially if it happened without witnesses. Can parents somehow prevent this situation? How to protect your baby from strangers?
The child's behavior with strangers

Parents depends the main thing - knowledge of how to behave with strangers on the street. That's what every parent should teach their child.

First and foremost, explain to your child that strangers shouldn't talk. And even more to call your name and home address. Or not answer at all, or say that parents are not allowed.

If a stranger asks me to go with him to agree in any case impossible. Whatever it is.

No matter how events in someone else's car sits not. In the case of attempts to force the child to sit in the car, let him shouting and kicking.

From strangers not to take anything. Even if it's some sweets.

A stranger might watch for the child in a deserted place. When I try to speak, it is urgent to leave to a place of greater accumulations of people.

When the kid gets suspicious, followed him person unknown to him, he should turn to one of these adults and explain the situation.

In the dark it is better to move around the streets with adequate lighting. If the path to the dark stretch of road, should find support - it can be friends or someone from adults. Preferably female.

Parents should always be aware of your whereabouts and possible plans.

The child should not allow strangers to me.

In the case of obvious danger you can start to shout. If the child thought that the stranger has in his bad intentions, he always can then apologize. Better to be safe than sorry.

Protect your child from exploring the wilderness, the woods, construction sites, abandoned buildings. Keep in mind that groups of children do not encroach villains.

You, as a responsible parent, should understand that the observance of these rules depends on the security of your child. You must bring them to the child. So you will be calmer.

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