Collect grass for the preparation of infusions. For this early autumn, when the plant will harden the seed pods, remove the Bush from the ground, Podkopaev it at the root. Try to choose a plant cleaner, so as to wash it is not recommended. Clean the Bush from dust and dry leaves. This is the raw material that you will use to prepare the tincture according to any one of the following recipes.
Miss the raw material through the grinder. The resulting slurry was wrap in cheesecloth and place in an enamel pan. Cover pot and put in a cool dark place, preferably in refrigerator. A day press the juice through cheesecloth containing the pulp, and mix it in equal quantities of vodka. If for the preparation of infusions do you use alcohol, the proportions will be different. Excessive amounts of ethanol can destroy the healing properties of the plant, so the juice of the plant will take in 2 times more than alcohol.
Chop celandine, pre-assembled for the preparation of infusions. Take 20 grams of the herbs and pour them a glass of vodka. Allow the infusion to steep in a cool dark place for two weeks. Don't forget to periodically stir and mix the infusion and then strain it. If you want to get a stronger tool, instead of vodka can use 70% alcohol, but the treatment with the infusion will need to adjust the dosage.
Sprinkle dried or fresh herbs to the middle of a half-liter jar then pour vodka to the brim of the jar. Steep the infusion for two weeks then strain the infusion and add to it another 350 ml of vodka.