Register and put on military records his business in the military Commissariat immediately after its registration, incorporation and tax registration. Pre-contact a military Commissariat and to clarify the list of documents, necessary for the production of the organization of military registration, as local authorities have the right to set their own requirements.
Calculate the number of HR employees who will be directly engaged in questions of the military account. If the planned number of employees is large, it will require 1 exempt employee liable for every 2000 employees. If there are less than 500, then military service may exercise any employee of the personnel Department in combination.
Determine the number of conscripts and reservists employees. Don't forget to take into account women who received an education equivalent to military specialties. Place your order on the organization of military registration of your company, which you should assign responsibility for this work, employees of the personnel Department.
Prepare a work plan for conducting of the military account, which must be signed by the head of the company. Coordinate this plan with the military Commissioner. Make a list of employees that are in stock.
Develop an open reference information for those employees within the Agency who are subject to military registration. Specify it is their responsibility, duties and order of actions in case of introduction of martial law. Familiarize yourself with this document liable to the employees for signature.
Familiarize employees of the personnel Department, responsible for maintaining the military register with a "Statement of the General staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for conducting of the military account in organizations" and determine in accordance with this document, the responsibilities of each. Describe these responsibilities in job descriptions.