Before you enter a new team, not be amiss at the stages of interview to get to know and study the rules of work in the company. In some firms, for such purposes there are specially designed adaptation for new employees. This will help you to quickly adapt to the new location and to avoid conflict and fines.
If you have received a leadership position, ask the hiring Manager or supervisor to talk about the psychological climate in the team. It often happens that the adaptation of the new chief accompanied by a number of difficulties, especially if it is a pre-formed team. The new chief may have to overcome the resistance and negative attitude of subordinates, especially if the previous head had the proper weight and authority at work.
In the first few minutes of meeting with colleaguesand "do not let dust in the eyes", do not try to curry favor and very much enjoy it. Just be friendly.
According to the rules, the Manager must introduce you to the team. You don't need to say much: say Hello, Express the joy of exploring and the willingness to cooperate.
At first, carefully observe colleaguesand delve into the style relationship between them. Show modesty. It is not necessary to install immediately their orders. Prove yourself you still have time.
Do not hesitate to ask colleagues and economic-business issues, clarify unclear moments for yourself. For anybody not a secret that at first you don't know where everything is and who to contact. Colleagues will be pleased to feel its importance and to be experts in these matters.
The best way for a leader when dealing with difficult staff is an individual approach to each. Conduct interviews with staff, determine needs. Try to conclude a secret Alliance with subordinates, which is the authority in the group.
In conversations in the first days try to keep a certain distance. Be friendly, but don't tell too much about yourself. Of course, employees will take an interest in you, because they care who work with them. Try to avoid topics such as the conflicts and failures in the previous firm, alcohol, intimate questions. Otherwise, you can make a wrong impression and hurt the working process.