Advice 1: What is business etiquette

Business etiquette is not only a set require execution of the rules. It is also a regulation business communication, promotes business relations and understanding among team members. Adherence to business etiquette will inevitably lead to the prosperity of the business.
What is business etiquette

Well when all employees are immediately aware of the need to observe certain rules of behavior at work. Very often it is a failure of etiquette becomes the cause of problems with relationship with superiors and colleagues, career growth and performance of duties. Responsible modern businessmen understand that the observance of the fundamentals of business ethics is an important indicator of professionalism and key to a successful business. If you have to deal with foreign partners, you have to know the etiquette of these countries. Otherwise, a misstep at a meeting or during a conversation can result in damage to the business. The basic rule of any meeting, including the business, is punctuality. Business people should be able to calculate the time for execution of a particular work, various visits and meetings. In these calculations it is necessary to consider various problems and circumstances that can suddenly occur and leave extra time. Another immutable law of business conduct and ethics – the ability to keep secrets. This applies not only to business but also personal issues and business colleagues. Often the cause of failure in personal and business life becomes the ordinary ego, a manifestation of curiosity, the thirst for gossip and an unwillingness to listen to the opinions of others. A single case cannot be waged without taking into account the views of the partners, and the insatiable desire at any cost to move forward, even making attempts to harm colleagues or competitors, would only bring complications and failures. And the ability and desire to listen to the interlocutor, to try to understand and respect the opinions of others is one of the main components of business ethics. Never humiliate the opponent, otherwise you will one day encounter a man who will go with you as well. In addition to compliance with the code of rules, business ethics implies the need to look business-like, which largely depends on how you dress. Clothing should exhibit good taste and to be appropriate and meets your company's dress code. Business ethics requires that everything said and written by you was set out good and correct. Often this will depend on the chances of entering into various transactions. A prosperous business person you need to master the skill of eloquence. That is, the art of rhetoric. It is important to watch out for his intonation, diction. Avoid use in business communication, offensive language and slang words.

Advice 2 : So do a lot of business etiquette?

Observing business etiquette, employee insures himself frustrated Dating high importance and failed business negotiations. Conventionally, the level of etiquette is evaluated according to several criteria.
So do a lot of business etiquette?

• The appearance of the employee. Due to the fact that the business environment implies the existence of a strict dress code - employees can't afford to dress artsy and provocative. Even in the absence of any rules regarding clothing should continue to stick to simple and neutral style. Among the common standards worth noting the presence of neat appearance, inconspicuous hair and costume for a neutral eye color.

• In addition to appearance, special importance is the ability of the organization of working process. Employee must be punctual: to be on time to work place in time to hand in their projects, etc. is Also important the presence of a certain communication skill that represents the ability to appropriately and discreetly, in a business style to answer even the most provocative statement in the course of the conversation. Welcome the ability to talk without words, solely on business topics.

• Another subtle point - a feature about the employee can be at their desktop. Therefore, it must be induced by the perfect order and must be free of any signs of a low organization of its owner.

• In addition to the ability to speak correctly, it is important and the ability to properly listen. You must learn to negotiate so that never crossed the boundary where ends with respect to the interlocutor. Partly an impression about a person develops during the most important gesture in the business environment is a handshake. It should be strong enough to show confidence and openness to interlocutor, but at the same time could not be too strong.

• The rule from the list of priority - absence of related activities and conversations on abstract themes. If the employee takes such liberties, it is immediately characterized by his low level of responsibility. Besides, such behavior reduces the productivity of the team as a whole.

Of course, even the most experienced worker in the force of the imperfect human nature from time to time makes mistakes in their behavior. But no one suggests that the errors should not be generally. The main thing - the ability to genuinely admit, as it is appreciated much more than the ability to hide their mistakes and to the last to cling to the position of his innocence.

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