Before you go there, you will need to collect certain documents, without which you simply refuse to register the vehicle.
You should get in the showroom of the seller vehicle registration document (hereinafter TCP), which will be entered all registration operations. This is the most important document.
The dealer writes the contract of sale and assures it of his seal. Be careful not to miss this moment.
The seller is obliged to issue you temporary license plates, so you can get to the registration point. If you are not given numbers, the title is filled in with the corresponding record.
You need to make his name on the insurance policy. Otherwise, any stopping you, traffic police can spoil the festive mood.
However, if you are the owner of the vehicle of category C or D, in addition to everything you will need to put the car on the account in the local recruiting office. If you do not, inspectors will have the right to refuse vehicle registration.
When you have collected all the above documents, you can safely go to the traffic police. Not to get lost in the endless corridors and a huge number of rooms, at the entrance should be a scheme of registration.
Submit documents to the inspector. Data validation should be limited in time. A maximum of half an hour, then feel free to hurry a negligent employee. Then, the inspector checks whether the machine safety requirements and authentic are the markings of numbered parts. This procedure is also limited in time. A maximum of 10-20 minutes.
After that, as a rule, it was necessary to check the CSL, but over time it is gone. However, if the inspector has strong doubts about the authenticity of the numbers, CSI, most likely, you will have to visit.
On average, the whole registration procedure takes about three and a half hours. This does not include the time you spend walking from office to office.
The inspector, taking your documents, make a note of the time when he took them. For the delay it will respond to the leadership. If you feel that the process was delayed, you have the right to file a complaint against actions of the inspector.