You will need
  • - textbook of Italian language (tutorial),
  • - audio discs,
  • - the notebook
  • - handle
  • technical means of choice.
Dedicate yourself to daily training time, an hour and a half. Schedule plan for the week ahead and relate with him all the other things. Not to forget in a string of home Affairs about the classroom, use reminders, planner on the computer, organize the schedule so that by the time you have all things were made. Prepare the working place where you will not be distracted.
Get any textbook or tutorial of the Italian language. The difference between them will be only in the form of presenting the material in some books, it more interesting or more modern, some material will be drier. In advance, if possible, consult what is information and what are the explanations of the exercises. But, by and large, in any tutorial, you will have to do the same repetitive actions to learn the rules, grammar, doing exercises for their adoption and learning words. So much time on this don't waste. Use the Internet to familiarize themselves with the tutorials and reviews about them.
Set yourself short-term goals. For example, in a week to learn 50 - 100 lexical units. This will help keep track of small progress and maintain motivation, and self-satisfaction, and will not depend on the brightness of book illustrations.
Buy rims in order to be able to listen to and repeat the material over the speakers. It is desirable that they were from the same set with the textbook. For this you can use the Internet, there are many educational audio recordings available for review.
Alternate learning with practice – do the exercises, watching Italian TV, listen to songs and translate, memorize and sing the songs themselves. To obtain emotional pleasure is very important, it contributes significantly to the memorization of new material.
As you advance in skills, read the literature in Italian. Start with simple and short tales. First, use bilingual texts with a parallel Russian translation. Gradually, training in reading and remembering words, you will cease to pay attention to the Russian translation, and the need for it will disappear.
Use the online lessons on the Internet. Meet the Italians interests. Visit Italian Internet resources, be interested in what is happening in the country, read the news. Receiving information in the target language from all sides, the brain is faster and easier adapt to the language, this simulates the situation of "immersion" when learning is faster.