Find out and correct the cause of high humidity in the room, you may want to seal the seams from the outside and check the quality of ventilation. Thoroughly dry the infected surface of the walls using soldering lamps or heating devices, thereby you stop the spread of spores.
Before the destruction of mold on the walls, you need to start with cleaning up contaminated sites. Mold has the ability to penetrate into deep layer of finishing material, so remove with a spatula all the layers of finish, down to the concrete slab or brick. The fungus has the ability to affect not only a finishing material, but also concrete constructions and clean if the wall is not completely the mould will soon make themselves known.
Thoroughly treat the affected area with mould antiseptic preparations that possess antimicrobial and antifungal effect. Such products are well represented in all DIY stores. Read carefully the instruction, which should be pointed out that the tool is intended for disinfection of the inner surface of the house. In addition, the tool must not only remove the mold but also to prevent its further occurrence.
After a planned and gradual destruction of mold, use only breathable materials or primers and paints that have antibacterial properties. Vinyl Wallpaper is not the best solution for the decoration of the room where there was mold.