Advice 1: How to get rid of odors on a cutting Board

The problem of "cooking smells" bother many Housewives. Because in the process of cooking many of the tools permanently absorb all the flavors of the ingredients used. Are no exception and cutting boards. There are tricks that will help to get rid of these persistent "enemies."
How to get rid of odors on a cutting Board
You will need
  • - vinegar;
  • - lemon;
  • Sol;
  • - crushed charcoal;
  • - baking soda;
  • powder dry mustard;
  • - coffee grounds;
  • - broken tea;
  • - fresh milk;
  • - special facilities for washing utensils;
  • - warm water.
Before you cut the fish, chop garlic or onions, moisten cutting Board 9% vinegar or wipe a slice of lemon.
If your cutting Board was a smell of fish, sprinkle it with vinegar, diluted with water in ratio of 1:1, or lemon juice.
The smell of sour cabbage, garlic or fish can be removed, if you wash the cutting Board with hot salt water (4 tablespoons salt per gallon of water) or warm water with dissolved in it with vinegar (2 tablespoons of vinegar in 2 liters of water).
If cutting boards the unpleasant smell of raw meat, soak it for half an hour in hot water with the crushed charcoal (100 grams per liter). Instead of coal you can use a pinch of ground coffee. Then thoroughly rinse the Board under running water with a flavored liquid funds for washing dishes.
If your cutting Board is made of food grade plastic, to get rid of unpleasant odors, wash the surface with water with addition of baking soda or wipe with a cloth dipped in vinegar, rinse.
To get rid of a musty odor emanating from the wooden cutting boards, intensively RUB it with coffee grounds and leave for a few minutes. Then clean the kitchen tool under hot running water.
Wipe the Board dry mustard powder or sleep tea, to get rid of the smell of herring. Well neutralize this "flavor" fresh milk. Simply wipe the cutting Board with a sponge dipped in cold milk.
When choosing cutting boards, keep in mind the fact that glass and plastic boards are the least prone to absorb odours than wood. You should also take into account that boards with a corrugated surface harder to clean, and thus the problems with odors will be more.
Use at least three or four boards for different food groups and immediately after cooking, thoroughly wash them in hot water with addition of special funds for the dishes. The probability of occurrence of strong odors, with such care for kitchen tools would be minimal.

Advice 2: How to get rid of wasps and remove wasp nest

As wasps - the neighbors are not only unpleasant, but also very dangerous, and therefore undesirable at all, then the question of getting rid of this neighborhood is very relevant. Besides that, these insects are known for their wanton aggression, and their bites are painful and can cause anaphylactic shock, wasps are distributors of intestinal infections. And this is only the most basic reasons for which OS you need to destroy immediately after their discovery.
How to get rid of wasps and remove wasp nest
You will need
  • - protective suit
  • plastic bag
  • plastic bottle
  • - container of water
  • - sugar syrup
You need to make a trap for insects from a plastic bottle. The bottle is cut off at the shoulders, a bottle filled with sugar syrup or flavored liquid, you can even sour compote (it's even the best option). The severed portion is inserted into the bottle down the neck. Wasps flock to the treat, and escape from the trap.
From the OS in the apartment, most often in the kitchen, will spraying vinegar on blinds, curtains and all fabric items. But first you need to find out whether all household members stand the smell of vinegar, if they have Allergy to this product.
From OS to composts will help to get rid of fragrant melon. Crust it is necessary to throw in a bunch of compost, pre-opryshkiv insecticides, such as, for example, "AntiVir" or "Sherpa". These drugs, in contrast to the "Dichlorvos" and such sprays do not have the sharp and pungent smell. The number of wasp corpses after the use of such weapons is staggering.
A wasps nest can be removed, after sinking its inhabitants. In a container - a glass jar or bucket, pour water to the brim. Gently bring the capacity to the socket from the bottom and immerse it in the water, as if putting on the Bank for a nest. Keep the nest in water for at least five minutes, during this time, the nest will have time to soak, and its inhabitants drowned. To aid not arrived, missing the nest of wasps, you need to divert their attention sugar syrup, put on a platter nearby.
In your garden or backyard to hang the bottles with sugar syrup directly into the trees. It also serves as a trap for insects that back out.
Another very effective way to remove the socket is a plastic bag, put on a hornet's nest and glued with tape or buttons. Corner of package is cut off, it sprays any insecticide, and the area should be sealed with tape or duct tape. "Gas chamber" is left for about an hour, then remove the nest carefully removed.
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