Quail eggs – a storehouse of nutrients


Quail eggs differ by a small size and unusual marble color. This product is several times less than the usual chicken gifts. However, the concentration of nutrients in quail eggs is amazing. This case is a perfect illustration of the popular saying: "small but precious".

On average, one egg quail weighs approximately 12 g, which contain a unique complex of minerals and vitamins. The product is rich in useful amino acids (glycine, tyrosine, lysozyme, etc.), iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, vitamins b, PP, A. the Scientists note that the amount contained in one quail egg elements is several times greater than their number in the chicken product.

Special attention is given not only the internal component of quail eggs, but their shell. It is recognized as an indispensable source of calcium that is well absorbed by the body. Excess not deposited on the bones and does not turn into ICD and excreted by natural means. Also in the shell contains about 27 useful elements, among which should be mentioned sulfur, copper, zinc, iron, fluorine.


Who useful are quail eggs?


Useful items are the quail eggs necessary for the productive functioning of the human body. They improve metabolism, strengthen bones, the immune system, fine impact on appearance. Almost every category of citizens will find quail eggs benefits for themselves.

Young children doctors recommend to introduce food crushed shells of eggs with the age of one year. The product has beneficial effects on bone development, helps to get rid of some congenital and acquired injuries and diseases (e.g., anemia, osteoporosis, rickets, etc.). Children older quail eggs will help to strengthen the immune system and the nervous system, improve concentration and memory, to avoid tooth decay.

Quail eggs will be of interest to men. Studies have shown that regular use of the product improves potency and sexual performance at any age. For that quail eggs should be taken on an empty stomach.

The elderly are quail eggs will help to remove excess cholesterol and prevent blockage of blood vessels. The product also strengthens bones, which with age become more brittle, normalizes blood pressure, helps with disorders of the stomach and intestines. As a preventive measure, doctors recommend to consume the product for at least 2 weeks.

Particularly useful are the quail eggs for the beautiful half of humanity. The amino acid tyrosine has a beneficial effect on the skin. Substance actively "fight" against signs of aging, inflammations and returns face a healthy color. Enter in the diet of quail eggs, if you want a long time to admire the smooth and elastic skin.

Egg shells in powdered form prescribed for pregnancy. It makes up for the lack of calcium, due to which the expectant mother can not worry for the condition of the hair, nails and teeth after birth.