Composition of quail egg — almost a medicine: daily use in the amount of 4-5 pieces (uncooked!) able to improve memory, boost immunity, relieve cough, soothe the nerves, calm the heart, solve the problems with potency...
In Japan, every student receives daily two quail eggs: it is believed that it helps mental development.
Unlike chicken eggs, quail do not cause any allergies or salmonellosis. Longer stored: at room temperature, retain their quality for months and in the refrigerator — up to 60 days.
How many quail eggs can be eaten daily? The norm for adults —5 to 6 pieces (which is the equivalent of 1 egg). Important: if you want all the vitamins and minerals removed in your body in a safe and sound, eating raw quail eggs! Heat treatment destroys vitamins. But Salmonella should not be afraid: quail immune to it.
How many a day can you eat chicken eggs.
If you are a person healthy, lead an active lifestyle and in your diet, there are no other sources of animal protein, in this case, one or two eggs daily. Although such balanced meals on call: it is better to eat more varied, including menu and other animal or vegetable proteins.
The recommendations of the American society of cardiology — 6-7 eggs per week (healthy, of course, human). And the specialists of the world health organization believe that the owners of the healthy liver can afford even more — up to 10 eggs per week (this includes all "ayasegawa" products like mayonnaise and cakes).
In General, the established rules of the use of eggs does not exist. Some nutritionists believe that 5 Grand a week us enough for the eyes.