Most famous in our country mail services are, and All of these sites may limit the ability to transfer large files via email. A service restriction is 30Mb in one letter, and it is equal to 20Mb.
To upload a large file via e-mail in two ways.

Create a multivolume archive. Multi-volume archive is called archive, which consists of several parts (files) of the same size, the size may be set while creating the archive. Thus, if you create multivolume files with size 20Mb, you can send multiple emails using any of the above mail services, and then unzip on the other computer.
To create a multivolume archive, run the WinRAR archiver. Click on the "Add" button on the toolbar. In the opened window go to the tab "Files" in the section "Add files" click "Add..." and select the files you want to archive.
Go to the tab "General" in the line "Split to volume size, specify the size of the parts of the archive in bytes or select it from the drop-down list. For ease of later retrieval of the data archive it is possible to make a self-extracting executable, to do this, check the box "Create SFX archive". If necessary, give it a name and click OK. Now you can send files by email.
Another way to transfer large amounts of data is using file-sharing services. Typically, these services allow you to transfer files of a few gigabytes. Some email services, such as and created my own file sharing and tied them to the post office, so they have to send large files directly via email.