Advice 1: How to send a folder with files

A large number of files – documents, photos, audio files are hard to transmit one or social networks, either in ICQ or through email. The folder has no extension and is not a file, so it is very impossible to pass. But with the help of specialized software, you can convert the folder contents to a file.
How to send a folder with files
You will need
  • program WinRAR.
This can make the WinRAR archiver. With this program you can archive multiple files or a folder with a large amount of material, for example, a collection of 200 songs in one big file. Download and install WinRAR from the official Russian website: WinRAR is shareware, most of the functions will work even after the trial period. Installing the program, restart the computer.
Select the folderyou want to upload or download in the file exchange, click the right mouse button. In the context menu select "add to archive..." (Add to archive...).
On the home tab (General) enter the name of the archive and specify the desired settings files. Then click OK at the bottom of the window. You will see another small window with the display of the backup process. Once the strip compilation reaches 100%, the archive will be created in the same directory where the original folder with files.
Now the file should be transferred to another user. As for folders with large number of files are usually bulky and occupy more than 20 MB, they are difficult or even impossible to convey via messenger. In this case, use one of two methods: transfer files via email and file sharing networks.When sending files by e-mail, enter your account email and select "Add file" or "Attach". In the new page dialog will appear for selecting the file and clicking the button "Add" - Windows Explorer in which you want to find the selected file. Once the files are downloaded, you can send a letter. The file will be placed in the message attachment.
Use file-sharing networks, if the file takes more than 100 MB of disk space or you want to send to multiple people. Downloading the files 1 time on the file exchanger, download it via this unique link can be an unlimited number of times. To make download any users (optionally, you can supply a password to open the archive). Use free file sharing networks: downloading the file from your computer, you will receive a unique link to the file, which is also the address to download it.
To open the archive and decompress files on the computer of the person will be transferred to the archive folder, the user will also need installed on his PC the program WinRAR or 7Zip.

Advice 2 : How to send pictures Vkontakte

The developers of the site (now regularly introduce innovations that simplify the communication of its users. If earlier in order to share an interesting picture with friends, it was necessary to send her the link, now images can be attached to personal messages, publish as on your wall or on your friends ' walls.
How to send pictures Vkontakte
Visit the page of the person you are sending the picture. Under the photo click "Send message". In the lower right corner of the info window will display "Attach" - click on it with the left button of the mouse or touchpad. In the list, select "Photo". If the picture you are going to send is in your albums, displayed in front of you images, select, click on it, and it will automatically attach to the message. You just click on the "Send" button. If the picture not in albums, but it's saved in your computer, find on the thumbnail photo next to "Upload new photo". Click on the "Choose file" button next in the window that appears, locate your image, select it by clicking with the left mouse button, click "Open" and "Send".
To publish a picture on the wall user, go to its page. The right side on the latest entry wall you will see a window with the phrase "send a message". Install the mouse cursor in the window, and then the same as in the first step, attach the image to the message.
To share any picture published in any community or news feed with all your friends, open it by clicking the left mouse button, click "like" in the lower right corner, and then in the pop - up window "share with friends".
Pictures that are attached to messages Vkontakte, must be JPG/JPEG format. To change the image format, for example, in the program Paint, which is standard for the Windows operating system.
Useful advice
To send pictures, do not use programs that require you to enter your username and password. Perhaps they are designed by fraudsters for hacking pages with follow-up mailing them spam.
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