Archiving is to create archive file with a special software – archiver. The archive is a file-foldercontaining the "Packed" files. Unlike folders, it is a file-wrapper and can even be a performing program (COM, EXE). Therefore, the archive, unlike folders, you can pass. And how many files it contains – is not important.
The most common archive formats – RAR, ZIP, 7Z. For users they do not differ practically nothing. To create an archive and extract the files from it may be popular archiver WinRAR. WinRAR is a shareware program, so all its functionality is available by purchasing the full version.
Download WinRAR at: After installing the program restart your computer.
After Windows boot, select the folder with filesyou want to upload to file sharing or email, and click on the folder, right-click. In the context menu select "Add to archive" (or "Add to archive" in the English version of the program WinRAR).
On the screen a window will appear with the WinRAR setup the name and parameters of the archive. Configure the archive on your own or leave all by default, and then click “OK”. After a few seconds or minutes, depending on the amount of folders and number of files in the source directory will create archives in RAR or ZIP format, with the same name as the folder you archived. It is a single file that you can upload almost any file sharing, file hosting or attach it to an e-mail message.