Advice 1: How to cut a Bob

Haircut "Bob" is very relevant today in all their variants. She gives the woman a certain style, charm and elegance. This is a short cut, so, before you find the perfect option, you must consider your face shape, overall growth, weight gain. To complete the haircut" Bob" will need some skills.
How to cut a Bob
You will need
  • scissors for cutting, scissors for thinning out hair clips-ducks, comb with a sharp tip, a round comb, Hairdryer, styling products.
To decide on a short haircut, she long consults with the wizard. Therefore, you must clearly know all the options,"Boband to suggest the most suitable option. Because a lot depends on the structure of the hair, stiffness and obedience. With thin straight hair, it is better not to do much short back, and thick, on the contrary, the head can be done shorter, but the front strands significantly lengthened.
Divide hair into zones, with a vertical parting back half of the parietal. Swipe frontal-parietal hairline. Separate the lower occipital area with a special parting from one ear to the other, swiping the comb through the back hills. Strands each zone twist into a rope and kill ducks.
Hair at the bottom of the neck cut method of shading. Can make the neck separate the torn strands.
Next, go to the upper occipital area. It is better to apply a method of calibration that guide inside. Separate test strand and put on cropped area of the head, determine the length and cut.
It is interesting to look model with different length at the nape and near the face. To do this, in the back of the hair is cut shorter and closer to the face — gradually increase the length. To test whether this line safesite hair back — you should get an arc. Control lock cut with this arc. And then the next strand is put to the test and cut to 3-5 mm long. So walk across the top of the occipital area.
The upper part can be cut and exactly. Then your task is much simpler. In this case, the form of the cut will have another option. In the temporal area make the line of the caret. Only do not use grading, cut in one smooth slice.
If you want you can cut the bangs. Can make it flat or tilting to one side. If the hair is too thick, bangs can be a bit thin. To give the haircut more rounded silhouette, make a small vertical thinning. Put Bob a Hairdryer with a round brush.

Advice 2: How to cut ragged bangs

Difficult to find such type of women's face, which would not be bangs. After all, it can be made of any shape, length and thickness, given the characteristics of appearance. If you enjoy experiments, create yourself ragged bangs.
How to cut ragged bangs
You will need
  • -regular scissors;
  • -thinning shears;
  • clips La of the hair;
  • -comb.
Ragged bangs is ideal for those women who have heavy, broad chin. Combine this fringe with a ragged haircut. You will further emphasize your style and create an attractive, catchy way.
Ragged bangs can be with piping and without it. But the differences in its modeling only appear at the last stage. The first steps for both types of bangs will be the same. Of the tools you will need scissors and scissors for thinning out, comb and clips.
Wet your hair and carefully comb them. Mark the boundaries of the future bangs. Its width should not go beyond the forehead. The exceptions are those cases where the General appearance of the hair requires bangs that will go to the temporal fossae. The depth of the bangs (i.e. how high you need to make the parting) just depends on how thick you want. For ragged bangs make a triangular or rectangular part. The rest of the hair lock clamps, so they do not interfere with mowing.
The bangs cut teeth to the desired length. They can be small or large. The second option is suitable only for thick bangs, high when you did the parting. To get teeth, deepen the scissors into the hair and cut them at different levels. As for the length that the necessity to leave, then do it the way you want. But do not forget that bangs are dry and slightly raised. Ie cut the hair a little below the desired length.
Vertical split parted bangs for locks with a width of about a centimeter. Pinch each between your fingers and pull back perpendicular to the face. The fingers should remain on the short hair strands. Something that will go beyond the palm, cut a straight slice. Profile hair of your choice and dry the bangs.
If you want ragged bangs trim, once you make the teeth line of the bangs do not necessarily have to be straight, it can be oblique, semicircular, etc.), profile bangs. The degree of tapering depends only on your desire. Comb the hair down and trim them. This can be done with fabric scissors, and their tips, vestiga small teeth. Now you will just have to dry the bangs.

Advice 3: What distinguishes Bob from the caret

Haircuts Bob and Cara are widely popular. They are similar in appearance, therefore, of the opinion that it's just two different names for one and the same hairstyle. However, between these two haircuts, there are significant differences.
What distinguishes Bob from the caret

Features haircuts caret

The classic Bob is a medium length haircut with a straight fringe. It rapidly came into Vogue after the First world war and still enjoys the same success. The technique of this cutting often involves grading, which is designed to give the hair volume and slightly twist the strands inward. The same effect can be achieved with the help of special styling.
There is a haircut "about care", in which calibration of the instrument bends the ends of the hair inside and outside.

There are many variants of the caret. The parting can be placed on the center or side of the head. Bangs can be straight, ragged or asymmetrical. In modern fashion popular varieties Kare without bangs. There are variations of this hairstyles for straight, wavy and curly hair.

For extravagant fashionistas can recommend Kare with long locks framing the face. Even more audacious looks the version of this hairstyles with thin strands, hanging on top of a clear outline of the haircut. Caret goes perfectly with the highlights and coloring. These techniques are multi-color hair coloring can give the hairstyle more volume and accentuate its form.

Features of Bob haircuts

Bob haircut based on quads. It is also characterized by predominantly medium-length hair and can have bangs. The essential difference between the Bob of the caret is a significant amount of this haircut at the back, which reach, vestiga so-called leg. This hairstyle usually fully opens the back of the neck. In some variants of the Bob the hair at the back can one.

Bob is also different from Kare no clear parting. In this hairstyle the hair evenly on the head from the top, not separating into parts. A well-executed haircut requires minimal styling. Simply wash your hair and dry hair, giving it the desired direction with comb.
Bab-quads – interim version of the haircut, which is a significant basal volume achieved by the grading, combined with the characteristic for the caret shape and the presence of the parting.

Bob is as diverse as the caret. There are shortened versions of this hairstyle that leaves the ears exposed. The elongated Bob is often characterised by straight locks framing the face, reaching to his shoulders. Especially popular asymmetric variants of this hairstyle that can hide imperfections and highlight the merits.

Advice 4: Who will go the Bob caret

For many years the most popular and versatile haircut caret remains. One of its varieties is the Bob-Kare. This haircut originated from the classic Bob has many variations.
Who will go the Bob caret

Looks like Bob?

Bob-Bob refined and elegant haircut, length chin. It can be as smooth, and with different length edges. The downside of this haircut is that it is often necessary to touch up at the Barber shop. This caret does not require much time for styling. Best of all, it will look on straight thick hair. Then the haircut will look even more elegant. Bob-Bob can be used in all the stylistic variations: from classic to grunge.

Types of Bob

Bob-Bob has a lot of types of execution.

1. Straight Bob. The most demanding hair cut. Requires a perfectly straight hair.

2. A layered Bob. A good option for owners of broad cheekbones and forehead.

3. Asymmetrical Bob. The most recent variation of this hairstyle. Looks original and unusual. Combined with bangs of different shapes and lengths.

4. With extra long strands. Sometimes this haircut is referred to as "the swallow" because of the long front strands, which resemble the tail of a swallow.

5. A-Bob. The bangs in this haircut the length of the front strands. The ends of the hair straight.

6. Tousled Bob. Strands of different length.

To suit this Bob?

Bob-Bob is a versatile haircut that is suitable to the young ladies, and the ladies of venerable age. Differs only in style. The Bob can be with bangs, without bangs.

Most suitable is the square dark chubby brunettes with thick hair. Also will look good on women with aristocratic neck. The Bob perfectly conceals broad and massive cheekbones. This is a versatile haircut, but to every type of person needed her individual selection.

As with any haircut, Kara loves well-groomed and healthy hair. Shine hair attached to the grooming charm and sophistication. Why you should consider hair restoration. On curly hair Kare will create a lot of inconveniences: require daily straightening and means strong hold.

How to style your Bob?

This haircut can be subjected to any styling from formal to casual. But we should remember that styling the caret must be done in accordance with the type of person. Chubby women it is best to apply styling to the hair, owners of oval face enough to straighten hair or give it volume. For women with narrow and long face it is better to stop giving sloppy hair volume. Regardless of variety, the Bob can be installed quickly and easily.

Advice 5: How to cut bangs

Straight or oblique bangs, matched with the individual characteristics of the person, is able not only to elegantly conceal skin blemishes and smooth out the flaws in the appearance, but also to help in building a new image. To cut bangs, it is not necessary to contact the professionals, and it can be done at home, if you follow simple guidelines.
Beautiful straight bangs

Choosing the right bangs

First of all you must find out what type of bangs are the most beneficial to emphasize the dignity of your appearance: so, for example, straight bangs look great on straight and thick hair; hairstyles complement, made in the style of "caret" or "Bob"; ideal for individuals with regular features.

Graduated bangs give the external appearance of softness and femininity. These bangs are recommended for thin or curly hair; well with cascading hair; mask the contrast between the regrowth and dyed hair; lend expression to a round, soft faces.

Properly hold the scissors

In order to properly trim the bangs and not make blunders, you need to learn how to correctly hold scissors when cutting bangs, they must be placed horizontally. Put your thumb in the bottom ring, ring – upper; balance control provides a little bit reserved towards the little finger, if the shear does not have a specific ring for this finger.

Technique haircuts bangs

Haircut straight bangs is performed on clean, dry or slightly damp hair. Hair carefully combed, and fix with Bobby pins, leaving only those strands that run the cut. To fringe was the same length, the hair to hold the comb. Cut start from the middle of the bangs, doing a quick tidy movements. Focusing on the length of the control strands, to straighten the side bangs.

During the haircut, you need to look in the mirror straight ahead, not taking his eyes sideways or up. This measure will allow to avoid an involuntary lift of the eyebrows, causing the bangs seem longer and there is a risk to shorten it much more than originally planned.

Advice 6: How to get a haircut for the summer

Summer is a time of change, when I want to be transformed and to fully experiment with their look. It is easiest to change the image using the new trendy haircuts. One trip to the hairdresser - and a good mood for the whole summer you provided! It only remains to know which haircuts match the fashion trends this summer season.
How to get a haircut for the summer
So, in this season the preference is given to careless hairstyles and natural styling. When you look at your hair others should be feeling like you just got out of bed. To radically change the way you allow "torn" haircut that looks great both on short and long hair. Ragged haircut can be absolutely asymmetrical, and styling you need just wax or foam.
If you have long hair and to say goodbye to the length you are willing, you can make torn asymmetrical haircut on long hair. On the back of the head hair can be cut short and highlight the brighter strands. The person you can retain your length, and the length of the strands can be totally different. It should be noted that the asymmetrical, ragged haircuts look best on straight hair. The owners of wavy or curly hair will have to use the pad.
Another fashionable hairstyle this summer season is the Bob. The distinctive features of the bean is clear graphic lines that seem to frame the face. Bob or Bob in the summer season this year must have long bangs that reach the eyebrows. If the fringe does not suit you, you can replace it with long asymmetrical strand, which will hide the cheekbones.
Owners of long hair can also update your haircut with thick bangs. It can be as perfectly flat and sloppy asymmetrical. For long hair this season will be especially good to look ragged outer curls and soft waves.
As for the hair color, the stylists do not push colouring special requirements for the season. We need only repeat that the fashion for all natural sets natural hair color at the forefront. That is why many Hollywood fashionista this season repainted in its natural color.
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