You will need
  • scissors for cutting, scissors for thinning out hair clips-ducks, comb with a sharp tip, a round comb, Hairdryer, styling products.
To decide on a short haircut, she long consults with the wizard. Therefore, you must clearly know all the options,"Boband to suggest the most suitable option. Because a lot depends on the structure of the hair, stiffness and obedience. With thin straight hair, it is better not to do much short back, and thick, on the contrary, the head can be done shorter, but the front strands significantly lengthened.
Divide hair into zones, with a vertical parting back half of the parietal. Swipe frontal-parietal hairline. Separate the lower occipital area with a special parting from one ear to the other, swiping the comb through the back hills. Strands each zone twist into a rope and kill ducks.
Hair at the bottom of the neck cut method of shading. Can make the neck separate the torn strands.
Next, go to the upper occipital area. It is better to apply a method of calibration that guide inside. Separate test strand and put on cropped area of the head, determine the length and cut.
It is interesting to look model with different length at the nape and near the face. To do this, in the back of the hair is cut shorter and closer to the face — gradually increase the length. To test whether this line safesite hair back — you should get an arc. Control lock cut with this arc. And then the next strand is put to the test and cut to 3-5 mm long. So walk across the top of the occipital area.
The upper part can be cut and exactly. Then your task is much simpler. In this case, the form of the cut will have another option. In the temporal area make the line of the caret. Only do not use grading, cut in one smooth slice.
If you want you can cut the bangs. Can make it flat or tilting to one side. If the hair is too thick, bangs can be a bit thin. To give the haircut more rounded silhouette, make a small vertical thinning. Put Bob a Hairdryer with a round brush.