Voluminous hairstyles for short hair with fleece

Bouffant is the fastest and proven way to add volume hairstyles. It was very fashionable in the eighties. Currently, the stylists also employ this tool. Simple styling is created using hair spray strong hold, round brush and Hairdryer. Hair should be slightly damp. For short hair importantly, the fleece was uniform, and the whole volume was concentrated in the area of the top of the head. In order to give hair stiffness, some barbers just spray each section with lacquer the inner side.

Caret: options volume hairstyles on short hair

This haircut is best suited for voluminous hairstyles. It would be better to keep the shape of hair due to the fact that the length is very short. In principle, from the bouffant can and do refuse. On quads is the usual styling using round brush, which is called brushing. This way is body hair and a haircut "Bob".

Voluminous hairstyles for very short haircuts

Even the shortest haircuts can be put into a voluminous hairstyle. For example, "boy haircuts, you can also use a round brush, varnish strong hold, wax for styling hair, a comb with private teeth. For these haircuts is better to use oblique bangs and their style. To do this, clean dry hair dried with the Hairdryer in the direction of the face. Is lightweight fleece, protruding hairs are applied and fixed with varnish. The tips can be coated with wax for the hair. For more extravagant hairstyles bangs can be curled into large rollers and blow-dry. Is bouffant strands around the roots. The result is fixed with hairspray. In order to give her hair more structure and slightly wavy locks are lubricated with wax.

Curls into voluminous hairstyles for short hair

The most popular such hairstyles are the curls. Currently, there are many options of hair, but the most famous, of course curlers. With small curlers, you can get a small, but bouncy curls. Leave them in extended form. To create a lush hair, combing each lock separately from the other, the result is fixed with varnish. The larger the diameter of the curler, the less bouncy curls out. To give extravagant hairstyles, you can also use different barrettes and bows.